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HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! I hope everyone's Christmas was as wonderful as ours was...Gary's surgeon gave us the best news possible on Christmas morning...after a grueling 8 hour surgery on the 22nd...the pathology reports showed that Gary's cancer was contained to his intestines...the part of the tumor that had penetrated...as well as the lymph nodes that were removed...were cancer free...talk about receiving the best Christmas present ever...Gary contiues to get stronger with each passing hour...he is walking the halls of the hospital like a marathon runner...eating regular food...and has accepted the fact that he now has a permanent sigmoid colostomy...needless to say...life here in MA is GREAT!!! Our journey that got us to this point was not an easy one...but thanks to the love, support and prayers of our family and friends...which includes all you wonderful semi-colons...it appears that our prayers have been answered...we realize that our journey is far from over...that there are more treatments and testing on the horizon...but for now we are simply enjoying the wonderful news and continue to give thanks to our Lord...for those of you that are struggling through your own journey...I hope that by sharing our good news with you...it will somehow give you strength to carry on...trust in God...give thanks for the day you have before you...no matter how dark it appears to be...and believe that through Him all things are possible...wishing you all a HAPPY and HEALTHY 2004! Debby

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Ahoy, Debby & Gary -

Great news. Looks like your excitement is keeping you awake - 5:45 AM? I'm at work and I KNOW I'm weird, but you, too?

Glad your holidays were happy and keeping you and Gary in my prayers for more continued success on his road to recovery.

- SpongeBob

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Congrads deb and heres to 2004 being the best ever.

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