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Watch and Wait

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Can anyone tellme why they dont emplo the watchful waiting with oral cancer if the tumour is very very small i understand if its aggressive but ifts low grade why the rush

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Depends on what type of cancer. My husband had squamous cell of the neck region, had radiation treatments thought they got it and it now has spread to both of his lungs. So as they say catch it early and take care of it before it is too late, and it is then a matter of living and not dealing with death. God Bless,

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Even though the tumor is small it will matastisize to the lymph nodes and eventually other parts of the body. Start treatment immediately!

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My partner had small tumor in his paratoid thatwas being "watched". It turned out to be squamous cell cancer of the paratoid. Within four months it infiltrated his jaw joint, facial nerve and mastoid and required two major surgeries to remove, including removing of part of his jaw, mastoid, facial nerve and lots of tissue. This was followed by 36 radiation treatments and eight months of chemotherapy. Seek treatment immediately. Good luck!

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