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(renal tumor) and i was told.............

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by a doctor and nurse..............
"if you have to get cancer, renal cancer is the kind you hope to get"
Is it me is or is that just insensitive?

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Good gravy. How unspeakably insensitive (and, back in 1995 when I had RCC, inaccurate). Calm down, though. My mass was the size of a lemon and was told that without treatment I had 6 months, and I've got my 8th anniversary of the surgery coming up, so it's do-able. They will do tests on you before they take out the kidney, and you can survive for a very long time with one kidney. I was also told there are no symptoms, but I had nausea and a pain right under my breastbone, and I fell down a lot. Strange, huh? Once the kidney was out, the pain and nausea went away, and I quit falling.

You can do this. You may want to change doctors if you're not comfortable, but your urologist/nephrologist and surgeon are the ones you need to trust. You will come across several truly dopey people during this time (I had one person tell me "It must be nice," because I lost a bunch of weight and had all new clothes), but you have to just blow them off. They're idiots. Don't come unglued unless they jeopardize your life. I found that actually saying to the medical people in a very calm tone, "I've never done this before and I'm frightened. Please tell me what we're going to do here," was VERY helpful. After I said that, 99% of the medicos were super nice to me. Good luck. I'd like to know how you're doing as you go along.

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Hi again Tom,

I responded to your other post, got out went to the main page and saw this one.
As a member of the medical profession ( I am a P.A.) I want to apologize for the insensitive people in our field. That was really not appropriate to say at all. Jeez (which really doesn't cover how I feel but my wife says the Alabama redneck part of me needs to tone down).

If you HAVE to get cancer, get cancer of the little toe.

And the textbooks do say that there is no pain associated with this. But as I said in the response, nope I have pain too. Feels like I am either passing a stone or that I have really hurt my back again. And I have just taken a pain pill and I am afraid I am rattling so I'll say goodbye for now and goodluck.

Oh yeah, next one that says if you have to have cancer this is a good one. Tell them you know someone who would be happy to do a needle biopsy renal cell cancer insertion for them.

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Hi, my I just joined and want to say that I was told the same thing that if you had to have cancer the kidney was the place to get it. Well, recently I had a growth in my bladder, luckily it was benign. I wonder if that is another good place to get it? As you say people are very insensitive when they haven't walked in your shoes. Looking forward to hearing from more survivors.

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On August 1 of 2003 I was told I had Kidney cancer, and was also told I was very lucky to have the type I had! They removed the football size tumor along with my kidney... and so far I am still cancer free. I go every 3 months to be checked for cancer and will for sometime. I am lucky to live in Boston and be close to some of the best hospitals in the world.

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Diagnosed with kidney tumor two days ago.
Where in Boston did you have the surgery and why did you choose that location?
Any other tips for a Boston guy?

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