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helping my dad

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my dad has become a shadow. He has surived lung and brain cancer but does not trust life anymore and dose not know why he is still hear. I tell him I LOVE HIM with every ounce of my soul and need him in my life but it seems that is not enoungh to bring him back from the abyss. He keeps in his room most of the time and goes out from time to time but is not social. I feel so helpless. I dont know what to do to help.

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It sounds like your dad is really depressed. All you can do is support him and let him know you are there for him. Do you have a cancer support group in your area, and if so any chance you could get him there? I had lung cancer (surgery June 2001), and my group suppot has helped me get through all the tough times...I will pray for both of you...

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Ohh. Angel, that's so sad; to survive both of those cancers and then to live like that, makes no sense!!; It does sound like your dad is suffering from depression, you might want to speak to the doc. about it. I also like pacisans idea about a support group or even a phone buddy. You can call cancer hope network, or ALCASE for that. In fact, I'm a 2 and 1/2 year survivor of lung cancer who was just diagnosed last week with 2 mets to the brain so I WOULD LOVE to hear how he did it. Why don't ya ask him to send me a note right here on ACS. I'll be starting radiation treatments real soon and could use some help from him.
God bless and be well
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hi Angel, I am also a small cell lung cancer survivor, almost two years in remission, this disease is tough to deal with and yes , do talk to his onco or Primary care doctor about it, this is natural, the depression, I am on Paxil to help me with the stress of not knowing if and when this damn disease will strike again!!! hugs and will pray for you and Father. Mike

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hi again, there is also a real active chat besides here : www.oncochat.org bless Mike

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