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suspicious for cervical cancer

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Hi everyone,
is someone out there? I'm new to this web site. I did post alittle about myself but am confused where to look for more updated letters.I have alot of questions and concerns regarding symtoms

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Hi Linda - I've checked in on a couple of the subjects posted on this site but it seems that it takes a while for replies sometimes. I tried the chat room and the people there were very nice but it was crowded and went way too fast. I connected with someone in the wee hours of the morning and that was nice, I kept up with the chat a lot easier. I had cervical cancer 20 years ago and have recovered. Hope you find the info you're looking for.

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Hi blueyz53.
I was wondering what treatments you had done for the cervical cancer and what if any, long term side effects you have or had?
Take care and God bless!

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Linda S,
Did you get answers to your questions? I was treated for invasive cervical cancer over eight years ago. I'm doing great. If I can help, let me know.


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Hi topcatmarie,
Thanks for asking! I'm still didn't get answer yet because of delay in finding a doctor. I postponed the surgery I was supposed to have in Janurary because I wanted to get the opionion of a gyno onc. What a disaster of a visit. I wish I had never taken that route because it's only delayed a diagnosis further. I had to wait a whole month to even get in to see him. Then when I finally did get in, he told me he really couldnt' tell me anything until he could view the MRI films. He didn't even want to look at the CT scan results and I feel they were more descriptive than the MRI. He felt an MRI is more accurate than a CT scan. Plus I remember reading somewhere that a CT scan gives more negative postive results than an Mri. CT scans are good for detecting more advanced cancers than the earlier stages. They're also good for follow ups of cancers. So in my case, he feels I have nothing to worry about according to his pelvic exam. even thought he ct scan results sound;s like I have a definite case of cervical ca. It says there's marked enlargement of the uterine cervix,which measures up to 7.4cm in width by 5.2cm AP. plus there is central decreased attenuation in the uterine cervix and tiny focus of air posteriorly.what ever that means.and sentance ending in "suspicious for cervical carcinoma. Whereas the MRI just says"endometruim thicker in lower uterine segment and cervix than on the prior study in the yr.2000 but no clearly defined lesion is seen at this level. The thickness is still within normal limits, and is about 11 mm.
I read recently that its abnormal at 12mm. It's increasing in size quick in the past few yrs. I'm always going for yearly ultrasounds because of a persisent ovarian cyst since 1998. It just doesn't want to go away. It's causeing alot of stress to me because it's always growing and waning. It causes me monthly pain and it leaks fluid into the abdomen. There is no escape for the fluid and it has to be absorbed by the body which takes aprox.24 to 48 hrs.for it to dissipate. On superbowl sunday it popped. I have to be careful during intimacy,(if you know what I mean) I want the thing taken out.but no dr.ever attempts to remove it. they just watch it and tell me it's o.k. meanwhile my health is slowely getting wortst, I'm losing weight with out even trying and my clothes are beginning to hang on me. I'm really frightened and don't know whats wrong. My family dr.took blood and it shows nothing wrong. I feel sooooo weak at times that it's interfering with my daily life. I feel like my dr.is not listening to me. I have to keep pushing her. She finally did the ct scan and thats what showed up. suspicion for cervical ca. Now I have to sit tight until the diagnostic testing begins on feb.24, 2004. Finally. Maybe I can have some peace of mind once and for all. I don't know what it could be if the D&c,plus hysteroscopy and laparascopy plus cone biopsy comes out normal. Do woman lose alot of weight when they're approaching menopause? I only have one ovary left. I still am getting my periods faithfully every 26 to 28 days. They just started being very lengthy. lasting a week to 11 days. they usually are only 2 to 3 days long,as I am 43 yrs.old and approaching what I think is menopause. I will discuss with my gyno after the surgery this month.I'll request some hormone testing as well. Sorry this is so lengthy, I just have alot on my mind right now. It's been a long and hard 3 months since the initial results of ct scan in november. THanks for listening and hope you recieve this letter.
Linda S.

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Hello, I just signed on today. My name is Melissa, I am 36 yrs. old and 1st. found out I had cervical cancer 11 yrs. ago. I have had 13 major surgaries and have had only 2 clean checks. I guess you could say I have been "though it". If I can help answer anything for you..... please ask! Hope all is going well for you at this point!

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hi everyone, i am just replying to you all bc i dont know who i should reply to...anyway, my name is beth and i am 25 yrs old. i was diagnosed with cervical cancer in june of 2003...2 weeks before my 25th birthday. i would love to discuss any issues, questions or concerns with any one who would like to. i might be able to help others and i am hoping others will be able to help me. please be well and be in touch when/if you can! take care!

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To all interested: I'm currently waiting to find out if I have my fourth recurrence of cancer in my lung that metastisized from my cervics nearly six years ago. Feel free to e-mail me personally if you would like to chat about anything! wpeaytt@comcast.net

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Hi beth,
I do have alot to talk about. I really have questions about pre diagnosis. I haven't been diagnosed yet but have been having weight loss with out trying, some bleeding in between periods, extended periods,whereas the bleeding is not heavy but just a pink stainging on tissue after going to the bathroom. My story is long and confusing. I haven't been feeling well for about a yr. now. My family dr.ordered a cat scan of chest,abdomen and pelvis. due to my family history of cancers. The radiologist is saying it looks like I have cervical cancer. The cervix is very enlarged and the uterus is very enlarged but no mass is seen. I did have an abnormal ultra sound last yr. where an mri or a biopsy was suggested. My dr.chose to do the endometrial biopsy,which turned out to be clean. I never further investigated the problems I was having because my gyno wasn't really concerned at this point because of the clean biopsy. My paps were normal too. I did have abnormal paps in the past though. In the late 80's. I had a colposcopy performed which turned out to be good. Then a couple yrs.later I started bleeding again between periods and had very heavy bleeding at my period. They found a bartholin cyst, a polyp and cysts on the ovaries plus the tube. The entire left ovary was practically destroyed from the cytst, plus there were multiple cysts on l/tube. The dr.told me he had no choice but to remove the tube and left ovary. Infection was setting in at this point. Then one office visit to follow up with all the problems I was having, he told me my pap came back abnormal with mild endocervical atypia and moderate squamous maturation. He told me he'd take care of it by freezing the outer layer of the cervix. From what I can recall, he put a chemical on it to freeze it. I totally forgot about this incident in the yr.of 1998. I had been going through divorce at this time and now upon reflection, I felt like I was losing my mind. I vaguely remember things. So I didn't really follow up with a 3 month apt.or a 6 month apt like I was supposed to. Plus I had been through different jobs frequently which was always making me wait to be eligible for insurance and drs. were always changing too. I feel no one is really listening to me. the dr.s that is.
I am feeling soooo weak at times that it interferes with my job and my the regular chores of running a house hold. Last yr.when symtoms started I weighted 128 lbs. I now weight,110 lbs. with out trying to lose weight. I have an old scale which I took from my mothers house after she passed away this past december 2003. I don't' know if it's correct and I'm beginning to get really frightened. the scale is telling me I'm weighting 105 now. My clothes are hanging off me. When my family dr.called me at the end of nov. with the possibilty of having cervical ca till now, I haven't had any diagnostic testing yet. I had a bad experience with the first gyno,who was new to me, she lied to me and I since then fired her. I then found a new dr.in dec.who set up surgery for jan.22 which I postponed so I could get the expertise of a gyno oncologist,who really didn't listen me and I had a bad experience with him. He told me he had to see the films of the mri and that he didn't believe the cat scan results. He thinks mri's are better. I was furious at this point because I had to wait a month to get in and then I had to wait for 2 hrs.to see him. THis was during working hrs.mind you. why didn't they tell me to bring the films to begin with. you know how they make you fill out the medical history sheet and they ask you questions? one of them asked if I was ever depressed. I checked it yes. Little did I know this would open a can of worms. He made it such a big issue asking me when was the last time I ever saw a physiciatrist,that he made me feel uncomfortable. I wasn't there for therapy! I asked him what my mental status had to do with an enlarged cervix. He made me feel like I was making up all this stuff and that it was all in my head. I wanted to flee at this point. It was a horrible appointment. I'll never go back. So I called the regular gyno's office back to reset the diagnostic surgery like we had orinally planned. It is now set for this month. on feb.24th to be exact. I'll get a D&C, a hysteroscopy,they'll check my bladder,because I'm having problems with voiding for almost a yr.now and they'll do a cone biopsy. The dr.doesnt feel anything abnormal in there according to the pelvic exam and the oncologist said that all woman have enlarged uterus's due to childbirth. I've had four children. I'm 43 yrs.old. my youngest is 14 and the oldest is 21. I've read my reports of the all the tests I've had and I can see the uterus enlarging within the past 2 yrs. my last child was born fourteen yrs.ago. wouldn't the uterus have been enlarged then? Not now in the yr.2004? For some reason I'm not really putting my whole trust in the medical proffesion. They're not GOD. they're only human like us all and I don't put them on pedestals. I used to listen to every thing they said and never questioned their expertise. Not anymore I don't. especially since I found out my first gyno lied to me and told me a certain test was negative when in reality the test needed to be performed again due to the fact the speciman fell apart upon exam. I found this out when I had the actuall report in my hand because I asked for a copy of it from the secretary. I then called the lab where it was supposebly tested only for them to tell me it was never tested because it was insufficient tissue. It was too small and fell apart. why didn't my dr.tell me the truth? She's young, has a child and is over worked. She was telling me how many surgerys she had set up and that she never gets to spend time with her daughter. she was really stressed out. what dr. tells her patients this? she wasn't very proffesional. We had a screaming match over the telephone while I was at work. I have never met a nut case like that before. and she delivers peoples babies? Anyway, I really apologize that this letter is so lengthy. This is the second time I've been on this web site and didn't realize that people have responded to my first letter. Thanks for taking an interest and reaching out to me. It's saturday morning here on the 14th of February. Valentines day. If you have the time,please tell me about yourself and your story of how you wound up here.
Linda S.

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Hi! I was diagnosed last year in May of 2003 just a few months before my 42 birthday. I had a 7cm turmor on my cervix and had a radical hysterectomy and lympnode removal. Before all that they did Chemo, external and internal radiation. If I may ask what did they do for you and how are you handling it all. I'm not!

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Hi Melissa
My name is Becky, I have not been directly diagnosed with any form of cancer...I had my first abnormal pap at 19. I had my cervix frozen around 20 or so. I'm 34 now married with 4 daughters. The past year or so I have started to to have "female" problems. Since I had my 3rd daughter I have had a continous problem with UTI's and yeast infections. My periods have ALWAYS been as regular as the sunrise. Every 35 days without fail (not on the pill or anything) The first 3 days are always VERY heavy, the 4th day I show nothing and the last 2 days are spotting. I NEVER bleed in between periods. I also believe that my husband and I both carry the HPV virus. Not positive though about that. I had warts as a kid on my fingers etc and my husband had bad planters warts on his feet. He was also exposed to someone with genital warts (not me!!!!!!)Ok...just some of my history for you. Now for my symptoms....I have in the past 6 months expierenced moderate bleeding several times AFTER having sex with my husband. I get spotty brown blood that does have an odor several days after I should be totally done with my period. I have had severe pain right before my period and during my period in my vagina. I gave birth ALL NATURAL to all 4 of my kids and the pain I experienced was like one GIANT contraction concentrated in one little area. It radiated into my rectum and up into my uterus. I do have fallicular cysts on both ovaries, I had gallstones so my gall bladder was removed...and recently have passed a few kidney stones. So having the HPV, abnormal bleeding, brown spotty blood, pain etc...It seems as if I have ALL the symptoms of possible cervical or uterine cancer. I'm in the waiting stage right now. I still have a week to wait for pap results and the waiting is killing me. My husband is an OR tech and I have 15 years of home heath/nursing care behind me...so we kind of understand what everything is about and diagnosing etc. I'm really nervous and scared and that is not me. I am a person who the worse the situation gets the calmer I am. What the heck do I do? Also...I will probably never find this message board again, do you e-mail me or how does this work? Thanks so much...Becky from Massachsetts SMILE :)!!!!!!

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