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Mom's Lung Cancer, 2nd Round Chemo

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My mother was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in September after numerous Upper Resp Infections. She is currently on Taxol and Chlorplatin (not so sure if the last one is the right name). Anyway, has anyone ever heard of cancer in such a late stage going into remission or even being cured? I am grasping at straws. I work in the hospital where she is being treated and can't get a straight anwser from anyone who knows anything about the case even though I am listed as a person allowed to view her records. I just need to have some numbers about survivorship and at least some encouragement, because this is the hardest thing my family has ever encountered and I feel so helpless because there is absolutely nothing I can do. Can anyone please give me some advice.

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hi , I am Mike, I have small cell lung cancer, the tumor was five inches x four inches x three inches and I am inoperable. I had cisplatnum, carboplatnum, vp 16 and taxol and six and a half weeks of radiation five times a week. The onco gave me a 5% chance of survival, it is going on two years now and am doing ok. Just hang in there and if can't get a straight answer get a second opinion, bless and good luck Mike also the tumor was into the lymph nodes , into lung and wrapped around aorta artery of heart, it has shrunk to the size of a walnut and is dormant for now. Mike

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