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Cronic pain relief

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I had my bone marrow transplant 21 years ago for AML and suffer from cronic structural pain as well as short term memory loss. I am taking 10 mlg of Methedose three times a day for my pain with some side effects. For my memory problems I don't have any medications. Any suggestions please feel free to email me. Also any 20 year or so BMT survivors please contact me so I can compare to how I am doing, for that matter I would like to hear from anyone that has traveled this difficult road called cancer. scottysfrshjuice.com

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My son had a transplant in 1996 for AML,he's now 15.There are not problems with chronic pain but memory loss is one of many neurological issues he lives with from being "cured". We know of no treatment for memory loss but have learned many "tricks" to help get around the problem. Writing things down to remember,repition in learning helps. It takes many times going over the same things for them to stick. We've not found the medical community to be very helpful. They seem to take the attitude that they saved his life and what more could we want. Being cured is not going back to the life that was before cancer.


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I am so glad to know that I am not alone. I too suffer from chronic pain from all of the steroids I was on post-transplant. But the memory loss is so sad to me. I am only 36 but sometimes I feel like I am 96. People laugh at me and we blame it on the chemo. I laugh so that I don't cry. I feel for each of you. This is tough. Hang in there. Thanks for being so open. God bless. Cathy

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Chronic pain.. I'm 36 too. I had a BMT for CML in 14 years ago. I've been trying to find link this back to my transplant for about 10 years. I sounds crazy but I'm to read that others are going thru the same thing

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I guess I should have read over that message before I posted it. I wrote it and I can't follow it. I'm new to these page, at work and trying to keep from crying after reading all of these notes. I've had cronic pain for 10 years and know one could tell my why. I've never been in a support group so reading all of this is a bit overwhelming.

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