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Is a chest xray accurate for detection of spread of kidney cancer to lungs

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My mother, age 67 was diagnosis with stage 1 kidney cancer in October of 2003. She had a left hand assisted radical nephretomy. After surgery she was told that the tumor (3.2 cm) was encapsulated and had not spread. I am worried because her breathing prior to diagnosis and now consists of puffing from time to time and she tires easily. She is not a smoker and her heart doctor stated that this is not from her heart. I am concerned because she has had a chest xray with no findings but I am not sure if this is an good test. Does she need a CT scan? If anyone has any advice it is appreciated.

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I recommend you send your Mom to an Oncologist. Fill them in, get her history and ask him what to do. I am a PA (physician Assistant) with the same disease. I am heading for an oncologist as soon as I am over the nephrectomy.

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I have the same question only in reverse. can lung cancer spread to the kidneys and what's the best way of finding it?
I was diag. with small cell carcinoma in March, 2003. Now I feel that I may have a problem with kidney(not going as often as I should). I do drink lots of water.

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get the CT scan, my husband has mets to both lungs. I don't think xray may show smaller tumors

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