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Traveling and nervous

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Hi everyone,

So, I'm packing up my chemo, colostomy and myself and bon voyage! I'm heading to Vegas for a week, followed by a week in Montana. Needless to say, I'm super excited. I already have my tickets to "O", zoomanity and Celine Dion (like all good Quebecers, I have to see Celine!)! And the week in Montana is actually a completely free vacation sponsored by a cancer foundation, so that's pretty neat. The only thing is that I'm really nervous. What if something happens out there? I'm insisting on a premature administration of oxaliplatin before I go and I'll be on Xeloda for the two weeks I'm away. What if I get sick? Does insurance cover a pre-existing condition if I have a medical certificate declaring that I'm fit to travel? I really need some feedback/reassurance/advice. I'm almost considering not going, which would absolutely crush my spirits and be a complete waste of a lot of money! Thanks guys.


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Hi Andreae!

I can't really give you any technical advice...I'm not that familiar with insurance situations, but if I were in your shoes and feel fit to travel, especially if I really, really wanted to go, I'd go! It's bad enough that having cancer interfers with so much as it is, but by golly, does it have to ruin every little bit of happiness that comes our way. I don't think so.

When my mom left for Europe for 8 weeks I was so scared that she may have a "flare-up" while being there. I spoke with her oncologist and he flat out informed me that everything looks fine and to let her go and enjoy her life. Besides, her insurance is set up to cover emergency treatment...even if out of the country. Check yours out...it may be the same. And you'd only use it for an emergency anyway.

So, from a strictly personal point of view, and it may not be the best point of view, go! Enjoy...have a wonderful time and deal with things when you get back.


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I have travelled on the same chemo that you are taking, ostomy bags, adhesive remover, immodium etc. You go girl! And have fun. Too bad about Zigfreid & Roy. You can always see Wayne Newton. Hah.

Where in Quebec are you from.I grew up in Montreal and my mum and one sister still live there. Brother in Toronto. I live in North Carolina with my other sister. That's how I came to sample the services of Duke University Hospital and their excellent cancer centre. When family from Canada visits they have supplemental insurance.

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Hey is the cancer foundation Big Sky Kids from Eagle Mount by any chance? We used to live in Montana and my hubby volunteered for Eagle Mount. Just wondering.

peace, emily

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Andrea -

You go and have a wonderful time. I had to go to China for a week two days after chemo and then turn right around a week after that trip and go a Maurtitus (a small island country in the Indian Ocean) for ten days. Needless to say I was a little worried about all that travel and eating/drinking so soon after chemo. I did fine (although, I admit, I didn't have an appliance and Xeloda).

I think you should go and have a wonderful time. CARPE DIEM!!

- Bob

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I'd go for it and ENJOY. From what I recall, you've kind of gotten settled in with chemo and are handling it well. I suspect you won't have a bit of problem.

You may want to ask your doctor's office about any logistics as far as insurance coverage. There are plenty of older Canadians who winter in Florida, so I can't imagine it is too difficult to deal with.

I've traveled the day after chemo, I've packed up TPN in a cooler and taken off for the Adirondak Mountains without problems. I haven't been nearly as adventurous as SpongeBob though!

I would bring along any medications you think you might possibly need- antiemetics, Imodium etc. in their original prescription containers to avoid any hassles at the border.

Your doctor knows what you are up to and I am certain that you have a way to reach their office. I suppose checking just to see what general medical facilities are near by might give you some peace of mind, but Las Vegas is not a small town, and if the week in Montana is sponsered by a cancer foundation I can't imagine them not having suggestions for medical care in the unlikely event that you should need it.

I did take a surgical mask with me on the plane when I was traveling at Thanksgiving just in case I was crammed next to someone nursing a cold.
Since I am planning on doing some more traveling, I got a flu shot also.

Best wishes.


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You go girl and have a really great time.

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Thank you all very much - you're all such sweethearts. I needed to hear that I won't break if I leave Montreal (which, I know, is a ridiculous thought but sometimes I'm silly)! I'm glad to hear that all of you have been brave enough to travel - we certainly deserve a break. And, to answer some questions, I actually live in Montreal and go to McGill University. And the camp in Montana is "Camp-Mak-A-Dream". I'll tell you guys all about it when I get back. And, you guys are right that, at least in Montana, I'll be in a safe environment b/c they have doctors, labs for blood tests, etc. I think they can even administer intravenous treatment on site! I'm mostly worried about traveling to Vegas b/c it will just be my friends and I and I'm concerned that, in the event something were to happen, we won't know what to do. I'm also a little worried because we have a packed scheduled and I don't know if I'll be able to keep up with these wild kids! Regardless, I'm really looking forward to a vacation and thanks for all the encouragement.

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Andrea -

You do know that we send all the BAD doctors in the US to Montana, right? And we send all the doctors who are alcohol addicted to Las Vegas...

Well, let's hope you won't need their services (I'm just kidding. Actually we send all the bad doctors in the US to administer treatments to military folks.

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- SB

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