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I note that two of us now report being prescribed Celebrex by the oncologists. This drug, already used for arthritis/rheumatism and general pain, apparently helps with chemo side-effects. It is also on trial for treating the actual cancer as a "fighting drug." Is anyone else taking it ?

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I'm not taking but is it helping you, especially for the chemo side effects. I will be going into my third round of chemos after the holidays and was wondering if it is helping you. Are you having any kind of side effects from it?

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Hi Pattie,
Celebrex seems to help with the peeling/soreness/sensitivity of hands and feet plus the "pins-and-needles" of nerve damage and general pains associated with the chemo. I do not know if it helps with diarrhoea type symptoms. Others might know. This is good but the possibility of it being used as a fighting drug (like for Agent - see his message) is the bit I find of most interest.

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Bert has just been received a perscription for Celebrex from his new oncologist. When I asked why, I was told the research has shown it can help in preventing future colon polyps from returning as well as seems to help with chemo side effects. He hasn't starting taking it yet, but should prove interesting. The only major side effect that Bert continues to have with his 5fu/leuc is diarrhea and often times, more tired than not. Should prove interesting. His new onc prescribed it also because for his last set of six treatments starting in January, this onc will add Oxaliplatin to the cocktail. He's a firm believer that all stage II's and III's should have this combo right from the get go to help beat the recurrence odds for high riskers like Bert (4 nodes involved). Alas, we weren't able to get to him until now, but better late than never. There may or may not be some help from adding oxal in keeping Bert "cured", but I say, even a little bit more help is better than none at all. Once he start the Celebrex, I'll monitor and keep you all posted.


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I can't recall if I reported that I was on it or not - if so, I'm one of your two, Vincent.

One of the side effectes often reported with chemo is arthritis. I am no exception. It helps that. My onc is a Fellow with the National Cancer Institute and he confirms that Celebrex seems to help reduce polyp occurrence. I haven't had any more polyps, but I can't say for sure that the Celebrex is the reason. I guess time will tell.

Be well everyone and have a wonderful holiday season.

- SB

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SBob, you were one of the first on Celebrex for mild arthritis and hopefully to prevent more Polyps.(You told me in January last) Nbalantac was the same. Iloveron also took it (he was stage 4 in Jan 2003 - there has been no recent contact)) Now we have Bert and also Agent who is using it as a first line prescribed drug. See his message. There were also two other Ca. colon patients in the M.D.Anderson Centre taking it. It seemed to work with radio-ablation and/or other Chemo. All this is of great interest.

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I am also on Celebrex as part of the fight. Celebrex is a COX2 enzyme inhibitor and if your form of CA is COX2 positive it is a tool that can be used in the fight.

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Yes celebrex did me good!. Wanna thumb ressle now that both of my thumbs are painless?. In addition to my daily multivitamins and antioxidants supplement intake, I am now taking celebrex at least once a month as part of my "bag of tricks and ammunitions" to fight this thing.

Holiday cheers to all!,

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I was prescribed Vioxx for low back pain over a year ago after my tailbone was removed. They said I would never miss that particular body part as it was redundant. So how come it still hurts? Anyway, since Celebrex is the same thing perhaps it will do some off-label magic.

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