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high psa post seed implant

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I was diagnosed with prostate cancer with a psa level of 10.2. About 15 months ago I had seed implantation after receiving 5 weeks of external radiation. After my surgery my level dropped to 1.5 however has been steadily climbing. Last doctors visit two weeks ago my Psa was at 7. My
doctor feels that the surgery may not have destoryed all cacerous cells. Now it is time for more decisions. Try hormonal theraphy or freezing of the prostate. Has anyone had seed implant and continued to have a high PSA levels

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Did not have your exact procedure however, I had
hormone therapy B4 and After seed implant.
The significance of this is, I was told that the hormone B4 had a tendency to
1. make the cancer cells more susceptible to the radiation
2. shrink the prostate to allow for a smaller dose of radiation (physically instead of 122 seeds typical I only required 52 due to the smaller mass)
3. it (hormone therapy) tended to starve the cancer cells of the male hormone which it feeds and grows on.

Now, if you were to have hormone therapy first and another round of radiation (external) you may give the cancer a run for its money. Check with your doctor re: the above. Some may not be medically verified, just observed but, it may be something to ask about?
Let me know how you proceed and the results and if I can add anything further let me know.
Joe Nutter

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I had seed implants last December 13th. My original PSA was 11. I had 7 weeks of radiation. My PSA had been dropping until this last test. From .84 it is now 1.43. I am told this is a bounce and may decline in the next test. My Doctors have put me on a 3 month testing schedule. I was treated at RCOG in Decatur,Ga. I am told I need 3 failed PSA test for the seeding and treatment to be considered a failure. I am not a doctor but hormone therapy would be the last allowable treatment for me to consider. Please get more opinions. What was your gleason score when starting treatment? mine was 7. My PSA test score goal is .02. RCOG considers this to be Cancer free.

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My husband had prostate cancer, psa 2.8, gleason 7. Had seed implants followed by external beam radiation. His psa began to climb 2 years after treatment, by sept it was 6.8, his doctors said to wait this might be a radiation "bounce" . The dec psa was 28. Tests confirm we now have cancer spred to bones, liver and lung. I urge you to seek a medical oncologist opinion. My husbands treatment will consist of hormones and chemo, but would have had a better chance of success if started earlier. Chemo for prostate cancer is greatly improved. I wish we has not waited so long with the rising psa. My husband is 51years old.

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I would be interested in what type of chemo your husband is receiving? You state that chemo for prostrate cancer is greatly improved but I'm not aware of that. Could you send some info.
Also with such a low psa (2.8) to begin with, had your husband had any prior treatments such as the T.U.R.P.? Was the cancer discovered by a normal biopsy test?

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