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Genetic Testing

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Who would I see about genetic testing to see if my ovarian cancer was genetic or not. My baby sister was just diagnosed with stage 3 just like I was.

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Because genetic testing is only done in certain places, usually cities with higher populations, you should ask your doctor where to have the testing done. I've found the doctors to ask me "what will you do with the information?". You'll have to do some thinking about who would be affected (do either of you have children?).

I recommend reading "Gilda's Disease" by Steven Piver (with Gene Wilder) to get some information. He's a leading authority on gynecologic oncology, and the book answered a lot of questions I had about genetic testing, along with why the drugs in chemotherapy are felt to be the most effective. It's not all about Gilda Radner, and is a quick read!

Good luck to you and your sister-are you both being treated currently? (I have a sister whom I'm concerned about, also.)

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