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On 9/11 I was at the World Trade Center and remained there for two straight weeks breathing in the toxins that filled the air. 3 weeks later I was told I had AML. At the time of admission to Sloan Kettering Hosp I was told not to worry about anything because I had great insurance (NYPD Ret). Now I owe the hospital eighty thousand dollars. I recently heard of a lawyer who fought for retroactive disability and won. I was declared disabled on 9/29/03 yet my medicare wont start until 4/04. I am a Vietnam veteran and the VA doesn't consider this type of leukemia a result of Agent Orange, yet it considers others.Other than sticking up banks does anyone know of any other financial resourses available. Never on a chat room before, hope this message isn't too long

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Mullreg I survived AML 21 years ago with a BMT. I just finished a note to SpongeBob about agent orange and cancer. First of all if the VA knew that Agent orange didn't cause leukemia than I would be interested in what kind of leukemia it does cause. I dont know much about finacial resourses but I am under the impression that you should be able to go the a va hospital and get treated for this terrible disease should you not? To cure my AML I had to have a BMT and it cost well over $275,000 and that was in 1982. Keep the faith and feel free to contact me if you want. scottysfrshjuice@hotmail.com

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