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Does anyone know what it is or had it? And is anyone doing anything besides chemo? Can you please share if and what alternative medicine you incorporate to help you cope with chemo or feel better or even get better?

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Hi there,
I am only doing alternatives to heal my cancer. I have read about bio-feedback but have not tried it personally.

What I have done:

lymphatic drainage
Tradtional Chinese Medicine
vegan diet
parasite cleanse
Essiac Tea
coffee enemas
regular enemas
visualizing and positive thinking

And I promise you I am not a New Ager! Not at all!! This stuff all promotes healing and balance. i prefer to think of my body as a green garden needing tending rather than a battle field to be obliterated. I'd rather pull the few weeds than decimate the entire garden in hopes to kill a few pests. My onc tried to use battlefield terminology while explaining the chemo they wanted to use on me. Stealth bomber....smart bombs.....war....killing....battle
I didn't want my body to be a battlefield. I wanted to heal and promote life giving properties....not bombs and obliterating my body. It is looking at it completely differently than the status quo in cancer management. More to my liking. More to my trusting in the body's ability for healing. Alternatives supported my philosophy.

I use Western Medicine for diagnostics and surgery but I chose Eastern Medicine for healing. Chemo will kill cancer cells to some extent, but it does not address the whole body...only a diseased portion. i prefer to see disease as the body out of balance either too acidic or stressed or malnourished. If I strive to balance my pH or relieve my stress or eat healthfully then disease will not have a place to grow. True we live in a fallen world and disease will happen but let's not give it a foothold by toxic foods, toxic emotions, toxic relationships, toxic behaviors. Purify. Simplify.

I believe in the future western med will embrace more integrative and complementery medicine as routine. How comforting to get acupuncture while the chemo drips so as to cut down on the nausea. Or how bout when you visit your onc you are served organic veggies rather than donuts and coffee! (sugar, acid, cancer-feeding food--yuck) Or how bout getting relaxing massages before a dose of radiation? Whatever......

If you have any questions concerning my choice of protocols, feel free to email me.

There is so much out there. Even my onc told me to try Green Tea!

peace, emily

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Ahoy, Aleftina -

I agree with a lot of what emily has to say about integrating Western and Eastern medicine. It is interesting, Eastern medecine treats the body as a whole system - from the outside. It was sacreligious to cut open a body at the time and place Eastern practicianers began studying, so they focused on how to treat ailments using places on the outside of the body or herbs that could be ingested. Totally different mindset, but I believe one that can complement Western practices. (I especially like the idea of getting a massage before treatments - or anytime for that matter!)

I tried some biofeedback - in my experience, it's really just an exercise in focusing and repetitive actions; example: you feel stressed. Stop what you're doing, close your eyes, breathe deeply, focus on relaxation, and massage your neck for 10 minutes until you feel unstressed. Do this every time you feel stressed. Eventually you will get to a point where all you have to do is stop, touch your neck and close you eyes for a moment and you will be unstressed. Sort of Pavlovian.

I also looked at visualization - many of my friends swear by it. I thought it was sort of... well... too New Ageish for me. I agree with emily - the body has such miraculous properties for self-preservation. I believe that by focusing on them, we can help our bodies heal themselves - but a good dose of cancer fighting drugs won't hurt either.

Be well,

- SB

Posts: 102
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Thanks, Bob about telling me about the bio-feedback, someone was telling me about it that it cured them, so I was curious what it was.

Emily, I don't think of people as New Agers just because they cleanse their bodies. I do not believe in a conventional medicine alone any more, I had it all and here I am with metastatic cancer all over the place, but the cancer center I went to is an intergrated medicine hospital facility, I was very impressed by it and am very hopefull I will recover or at least managed, no I am lying, I am hoping to recover completely. I will be getting chemo but only once a month together with immunotherapies, they have naturopathic doctor, nutritionist, immunologist, psychooncologist, pastoral care, comfort team (pain management) and it is extremely patient and immune system boosting oriented treatement. They have a naturopathic pharmacy on premisis with any hearb in the world. It no longer have to be either or situation as far as conventional and alternative medicines go, there are places where they are becoming smart and combine both. What has been most helpful to you, I would like to try it. Thanks Emily.

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