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Brain metastases

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My wife was recently diagnosed with multiple brain tumors and a spinal chord tumor from colon cancer. I would like to know if anyone has info on the preferred method of radiation treatment, i.e. Linac vs. Gamma Knife. Also, what are your recomendations for centers in the New England Area that specialize in Brain/Spinal Chord tumors. Thank you.

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Isn't there one in NY area, I think Staten Island or something, where one of the Bittles had his brain tumor removed or treated?
I myself just came back from www.cancercenter.com and I liked it a lot. One lady I met there also had metastases to the brain, they said they will do Gamma and radiation. Check it out, the facility I went to is north of Chicago, in Zion, IL, 2 hour flight from New York, Midwestern Regional Medical Center, the insurance paid for it. Tina

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Surf these websites for treatment in your area--
Good Luck, Asp

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