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The kinder, gentler message board

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I thoroughly enjoyed our frivolous discussion about movie stars, Andreae. We all need a little rest from wrangling with our disease.

I joined the Literary Fiction Lovers group over at yahoo because I like to lose myself in a book to forget about...you know. Well, didn't a cat fight break out there? Secret e-mails and all kinds of intrigue. Nothing to do with me--it was already smoldering before I arrived.

Then I checked in with their cc group. They are a lively bunch but way too big. Too many voices vying for attention. So, of course, a huge, nasty battle starts because someone is feeling ignored. Sniff.

What is it about the internet that turns some people into flaming a**holes? Think I'll hide out here for a while. Let the dust settle. Seen any good movies lately?


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My theory is that the internet doesn't turn people into a**holes, rather it is just too difficult to gauge someone's "tone" through a typed message; you can't see the expressions in their face, hear the inflections in their voice, etc.

This group is good about moderating some of the discussions before noses get out of joint and feelings get hurt.

Like you Asp, I enjoyed the lively dicussion on movies. Interestingly, I'd already heard mixed reviews from my own friends on 'Love Actually', I think I'll wait for the video release. ;)

My recommendation: "Elf". This is the sweetest, funniest movie I've seen in a long long time. It has nothing to offend anyone, I saw it with my in-laws and my 5 year old and we all loved it equally and talked all about afterward.

My favorite scene:
The father angrily asks Buddy the elf: "Why are you smiling?!"
Buddy replies: "I love to smile, it's my favorite!"

Take care and Happy Holidays!


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Sign me up for Elf!

(we can talk about the Rocky Horror Picture Show later)!

- SB

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oh sponge any excuse to get out your black fishnets, eh?


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