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Hair Loss Treatment

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    I've searched over this site looking for an answer to this topic and have not been able to find an answer. I hope I'm not being redundant.
    My mom is 65 years old and has recently completed treatment for Small Cell Lung Cancer.
    I suppose I should tell you a little bit about us first. Mom received her treatment at Moffit Cancer Center in South Florida. We were lucky to have such a reputable cancer treatment center nearby. Her last CT Scan shows that all that is left is scar tissue, and a hiatic (sp?) hernia. Mom is also a below the knee amputee as a result of blood clots from extenuating treatments from appetite enhancers (or so they say). I am a 42 year old spinster/college student. I am her primary caregiver. We live alone. BTW, mom's name is Kathy and my name is Dee.
    Now to get to my point. After mom's chemo treatments, predictably her hair fell out. It did grow back in. Shortly after that she began brain radiation treatment as a preventative measure. Her hair fell out again. She has asked me to post here to see if anyone has any experience they can share on this topic.
Mom would like to try a hair treatment such as Rogaine for women. Although we are on a limited income, my brother, Tim, is willing to pay for any treatment at almost any cost in order to make our mother happy. Is there anyone out there that can help her/us?
Warmest Regards,

Posts: 2
Joined: Nov 2003

Did I say something wrong? Or truly does no one know a solution to my mother's lack of self esteem?

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