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Does anyone know where I can find information about health and life insurance for bone cancer survivors? I had bone cancer when I was 18 and now I'm worried about not being able to have coverage. I am looking at getting married soon but I need to know if I can find anyone that will cover bone cancer without having to pay alot.

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I'm not sure about life ins but I know i switched to my husbands health ins shortly after being diagnosed in case i couldn't work in the future. I spoke with the ins company over the phone and they said as long as i had the ins for over 6 months before needing treatment (relating to the bone cancer) then they would cover it. So I had myself put on my husbands while keeping my own and I'll cancel my own during open enrollment to make sure there is no delay in coverage. This way, I'm on the plan for over 6 months before I have to use the ins.

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If you have been given a clean bill of health by your oncologist then you might be able to find health insurance that will not consider your cancer as a pre-existing condition. Even if you actively are being treated you can still get insurance they just won't cover anything that is resulting from the cancer. As far as life insurance, there is usually a waiting period for filing claims. If you purchase the insurance they may give you a time limit of say three years before you could file a claim based on a death due to cancer. You should find an agent that you can talk to. It usually differs from one insurance carrier to the next. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage.

I am a licensed insurance professional for life and health insurance products. My husband is currently fighting "the monster". I try to offer information and support to people who have insurance related questions through this discussion board and it helps me to talk to other people who have loved ones that are currently battling cancer. Stay well!

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