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Calling all Stage 3B/Stage 4 Lung Cancer Survivors!!!

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Hello to all,

I've been on the Internet trying to come up with a list of Stage 3B and Stage 4 lung cancer survivors to inspire my dad - stage 4 nsclc but extremely positive about beating it. The only list I came across was one put together by Margo Lubbers:



Sadly, Ms. Lubbers passed away earlier this year:


So, I'm attempting to recreate her list with contact information and more details about all you stage 3b/stage 4 lung cancer survivors so as to give hope to my dad and all those others who are have been diagnosed with this awful disease...

Will you please help me? I will e-mail you a short form to fill out so I can combine everyone's information together and perhaps even post it somewhere. Just e-mail me at hope4ever212@hotmail.com. Of course, ALL contact information will be kept confidential and if you want to use a pseudonym, that's fine too!

Look forward to hearing from you survivors (I know you are out there!!! e-mail me and put that "obligation of the cured" to good use!!!).


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My wife, 43 y/o, dxed nsclc stage 3B 9/05/03. We went to Burzynski Clinic in Houston for evaluation, came back home to receive taxotere/carboplatum with radiation therapy. Radiation therapy (35) has been completed for 2 weeks, we have 2 more chemotherapies to go (3x stronger doses than before). It is hard to find anything positive about lung cancer, but I have found that it is an outcast disease. Issels therapy, radiofrequency ablation, et.al. sound like good alternatives. This is a humbling experience, which is, I believe (and have proclaimed many x's before), an individually tailored humbling process. I hope to have my wife added to the survivors list, 40 year survivor that is.

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