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advice on skipping treatment

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My wife, has had her first 2 chemo treatments w/ Gemzar,(had bile duct cancer w/ mets to the liver) and both times it took her 3 days to begin to have any type of appetite at all. She mainly slept and i was only able to get her to drink water,the rest of the week she ate lightly but at least it stayed down. She supposed to have her third treatment wednesday and then have her off week. She wants to hold off on the third round so she can attept to enjoy thanksgiving with the family, I'm wondering if this will have an impact on her treatment. Is it better to let her enjoy the holiday or encourage her to take the third round knowing it might benefit her down the road. Because it affects her appetite so much were also worried she will get to weak to continue the chemo regularly, we were also thinking about asking the onco if they could go 2 weeks on and then 2 weeks off instead of 3 on and 1 off. Any info, wisdom, opinions you can offer would be greatly appreciated. thanks from the doogaman

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I have always heard that it is up the patient when it comes to treatment. My Doctors have allows allowed myself to have full control in reagrds the type of treatment I wish to explore and undergo. I think it is reasonable to want to enjoy the holidays.

You should contact your oncologist and run your concerns by them. Even if you call to say you will not be able to make it today (perhaps they can move this treatment to Friday or something. Unfortantly Onc. Department are usually pretty busy, so you should at least call and let them know you are not going to make it, allowing them to treat some one else during that time frame.

As for going to 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off... this you should also dicuss with your doc. Going through Chemo is not a "fun" time.. as you and your wife know. But it is nessacry to under the treatment in the fashion they set forth. Relay your concerns... they may be able to offer a drug that eases your wifes sick feeling, they may even be able to offer a different form of chemo that doesn't affect her as so, but you don't know until you ask.

I wish you both well.. and good luck in your fight!

~ Russ

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My 78 year old father has been diagnosed with
biliary cancer of the liver, which is secondary,
probably from the gall bladder. The oncologist
has scheduled a mild level of chemo combining what
he described as a 40 year old drug called fluorouacil and a folic acid derivative. Do you
know anything about this treatment? Also, am
looking for somewhere to go for a second opinion.
We live in the deep south.

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