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First, I wanted to thank everyone for the support, amazing advice and humour. I think the best thing about cancer is the fabulous, inspirational ppl. I had the privilege to meet. On another note, I was wondering if anyone had the scoop on Xeloda and why I am on that as opposed to 5FU/leucovorin. Does the oxaliplatin and Xeloda have the same benefits as the FOLFOX regime(oxaliplatin, 5FU and leucovorin? Any info. would be appreciated. Oh and I started my first treatment yesterday and it was fabulous... can't wait till they hit me again. Anything is better than waiting! Be well everybody and enjoy life!


  • Hello Andreae:

    Can't comment on this but I am glad to hear that things are starting to fall into place. I sometimes think that the "waiting around" is more agonizing than the actual events starting to happen. Hang tough and hang in there, you will succeed. And, remember, everyone on this board is here for you so just let us know when you need a little help, encouragement, a good talking to :-), etc. Keep smiling. Once started, it's not that difficult to continue and creates much more attractive wrinkles than frowning does :-):-):-)

    Keep us posted, as and when you can.

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    Great to hear that things went well for chemo. My oncologist said that there is the thought that Xeloda is more preferentially taken up into tumor cells than 5-FU. Also, it mimics the continuous infusion of 5-FU without having to walk around with a fanny pack and pump. I am not sure of the exact statistics, but I believe studies show that it is at least as good as 5-FU. Interestingly, oxaliplatin by itself is not very efficacious. It is the combo with 5-FU or Xeloda which does the trick.

    Keep smiling.

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    First of all I'd like to wish everyone a HAPPY and HEALTHY 2004...our Christmas was one that we will never forget...after a grueling 8 hour surgery on the 22nd...Gary's surgeon came into his room on Christmas morning and gave us the best news possible...Gary's pathology report showed that his cancer was contained within the walls of his intestines...the part of his tumor that had penetrated was cancer free...as where the lymph nodes that were also removed...talk about receiving the best Christmas present ever!!! Gary continues to get stronger with each passing hour...he is eating regular food... walking the halls of the hospital like a marathon runner...and has come to terms with the fact that he now has a permanent Sigmoid colostomy...life here in MASS is GREAT to say the least!! Our journey that got us to where we are today wasn't an easy one...but thanks to the support and prayers of our family and friends...which includes all of you semi-colons...we appear to be on the way to the successful goal we all prayed for...we realize that our journey is far from over...follow up treatment and more testing are still to come...but the Good Lord has given us the strength to continue on through the unbelievable pathology report...for those of you that are struggling through your journey...I pray that by sharing our good fortune..you will somehow find the strength to continue to move forward...put your faith in the Lord...trust and believe in Him...with Him in your corner... anything is possible!!! God Bless and watch over each and everyone of you!!! Debby