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Tamoxifen for recurrent ovarian cancer

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It appears that I have the beginnings of recurrent ovarian cancer (I was originally diagnosed in January 2002 with stage 1V ovarian cancer) As there are only small signs of this recurrence my Doctor -who is a gynocologist oncologist has suggested that I have nothing to loose by taking TAMOXIFEN tablets for a month before starting another round of chemotherapy even though the positive results of using these tablets is only about 15%. Has anyone tried this course of treatment. Beverly

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I was on Tamoxofen for a month. It didn't work but in my opinion because it was a pill I could take at home was worth a try.I had no side affects either. Couldn't hurt? If it doesn't work get some opinions before you try a second line treatment just like you are now. You can't have too much knowledge.

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Hello Beverly:
I am very curious to find out what you have decided, as far as the Tamoxifen is concerned, since this has now been a couple of months.
I have had ovarian cancer stage IIID since 1999 and have gone through several recurrences since then, always going with chemotherapy and surgery. In October 2003 I decided it was time to try something different. My tumormarkers were are 720 when I started treatments and I am now below 20! Without any side effects, no nausea, no hair loss, no numbness in hands and feet. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Stephen Edelson at 404 841-0088 in Atlanta. He has helped many cancer patients!
Good Luck!

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