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post surgery incontinence

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10/30/03 I successfully underwent a radical prstatectomy. During the 14 day period with the catheter there was continuous leakage outsite of the catheter. After removal of the catheter 11/12/03 there has been continued leakage especially when standing. I realize it is only 18 days post surgery and 5 days without the catheter but I would like to know if this sounds unusual as part of the recuperative process?

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Leakage around the catheter is usually caused from Bladder spasms. Everything else sounds perfectly normal, but since I didn't do your surgery I would check with your Dr. The longer the catheter is in ( mine was in 7 days) the weaker your spinkter muscle gets and the more leakage you will have. I would say your fine.

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I had the exact same problem. The leakage around the catheter was so bad that the doctor removed it in 7 days instead of 14 days. When I would sand up, it would be more like a flood than leakage. It has been 8 months now and there is still leakage when I am on my feet for any time or doing any activity. I did some biofeedback for a while to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, but my insurance stopped coverage on the procedure. Progress has been very slow.

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First of all, I think everyone heals differently. I'm now 8 months post op from radical prostatectomy, with only occasional leakage. I leak if for example, I'm sitting on the edge of a chair and bend down to the floor to pick something up.
I think the "secret" is in performing the perenial strengthening exercise religiously, and walking every day. This helps keep the muscles strong. I notice that if I slack off on walking for more than 1 week I start having problems. Hope this helps.

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Last week on the 20th of Nov. I was one year post-op from an RRP. Although I didn't have leakage around the catheter I did have the same leakage as you after it was removed. I think for most of the people I've talked to and most that have posted here over the last year, they have had the same problem. (Heck, I leaked badly even thinking about standing up (LOL)) but things got progressively better as the weeks went by. So don't fret too much at this point, because you're about in the same boat as the rest of us were in. Do the exercises, stay active and keep your chin up!!!!! We're pulling for ya.

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I had a catheter put in 6 weeks before the RRP and then it was in for 3 weeks after. I had no control at all, wore diapers and large pads for over a year. I had a AUS implanted in March of 2001. I'm now Socially Incontinent. I wear a pad a day, so keep doing what the Doc sayes, It sounds to me like you will be fine, MeadC

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Explain to me the reason why you had a catheter put in 6 weeks before surgery. Also what is AUS.

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