Thank you - rashes + cracked skins

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Dear all,

Thanks for the helpful tips. I'm from Malaysia/Southeast Asia. May not have accessed to the products that were mentioned but may have some luck with Boots product. If not, will try out butter cream/moisturiser with vit A&E.

I'm concerned that she may not be able to complete the entire chemo course if the condition worsens. She's also started having mouth ulcer.

This is her second battle against cancer - last one being with breast cancer 24 years ago.

We were first angry and utterly stunned with the diagnosis; but now we are determined to help her win the battle, again.

Best regards.


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    You might want to ask your oncologist about Celebrex (that is the brand name in the US for it) I think the generic name is celoxinib or something like that. It is a non steroidal anti inflammatory agent that has been reported by people at MD Anderson cancer center in Texas to reduce the severity of hand foot syndrome, and as a side effect may have some anticancer effects also.

    Best of luck,

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    Try high doses of vitamin B6 - pyridoxine - take it several (3) times a day, even when the hand-foot is not acting up. It is also reported to help with eye tearing.