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this guy i have known sence i was 6 has cancer

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i have known steve sence i was real little he just got diagnosted with terminal lung cancer hes like my dad and i dont know what to do... its really painful espshealy for his 11 year old daughter and his 13 year old son is there anything i can do to help?

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I think it's important to be there for him and listen to him. People seem to be afraid to ask cancer patients questions about them, but I feel we do want to talk about it, it makes us stronger. Just my thought. loulou

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Hello lil goth;
So very sorry to hear of Steve's diagnoses. This is certainly a terrible disease and yes causes such misery within the family. I'm a 2&1/2 year survivor, NSCLC, stageIIB so far and understand the anguish and pain that goes with a diagnoses. I must say that I hate the term "terminal lung cancer" for the simple fact that it implies there is no hope and I believe there's always hope. Thats the first thing that I would say to you and that I know people who have all stages of lung cancer and are putting up one hell of a fight today. It's not easy, but there are SURVIVORS out there and only God knows when our times up. So please tell Steve to pick his head up, take a deep breath, prepare for the fight of his life and stop by and see us for he is not alone. Also let him know he will be in my thoughts and prayers. I can be reached here at ACS,(send me a message)-I have a web pg. here or see me @ lungcancersurvivors.org or through the Cancer Hope net.
again so sorry
God bless and be well
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