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Need advice on managing rashes, cracked skin and falling nail

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My mum is about to start 4/8 chemo cycle for colon CA. Since the last cycle, the rashes on her feet have worsen & the nails are in pretty bad condition.

Does anybody has a suggestion on how to relieve the pain/side effect?

Thank you in advance.

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Ahoy, kayyin -

I used Bath & Body Works Shea/Mango butter on my feet and hands and it worked wonders. At night I either applied that or "Night Moisturizing Balm" by Mary Kay (I'm guessing you're in the UK and I don't know if they have Mary Kay over there. It's a direct marketing company based here in Texas. You buy the stuff from your neighbors who become distributors). Anyway, I would liberally coat my feet and then wear socks to bed. Best time to put the stuff on your hands is right after washing them while the pores are open. Feet are best done at night and right after showering. Some folks also use cotton gloves to sleep in in the same fashion I used socks.

Drinking lots of water also helps.

Hope this was helpful.

- SpongeBob

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And now tell us all about your facials and pedicures SpongeBob! Inquiring minds all want to know! (tee hee)

On a serious note, well kinda, SpongeBob is right, as usual. Although I was fortunate enough to not have that side effect, I do recall some of the nurses telling other patients about that cure.

Take Care,


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Hello Kayyin,
If you are in the U.K. as SpongeBob thinks then go to Boots Chemist. Ask for Boots Traditional Skin Cream MOISTURISING CREAM with A&E Vitamins.(written like that on the label) Its the best I found for the same problem and is beautifully scented as well.( My wife used to steal it from me !!) It was originally recommended to me by the cancer unit in Belfast City Hospital when all else had failed. For the pain, see if you can get your doctor to prescribe Celebrex tablets. These are usually for rheumatic/arthritic pain but seem to work well in your mothers kind of case. Some of us have found these very helpful. They are also licensed to use as a preventive for familial polyps of the Colon which can become cancerous. Recent occasional single reports also seem to show a possible use in established colon cancer - this is only a "possible" but it might turn out to be of some value.Let me know how your mother is getting on.

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