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Tamoxifen for Maintenance?

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I was dx with primary peritoneal on 02/02, had surgery with 6 rounds of Carbo/Taxotere, 7 month remission, then 6 more rounds of Carbo/Taxotere. The doctor is now talking about taking Tamoxifen for maintenance. Has anyone out there taken this drug for maintenance? I know it's successful for breast ca. Any news you can give me will be very appreciated! Thanks Sue in WA

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Hi Sue!
Although I am not totally familiar with periotoneal, any gynecological cancer (from what I understand) should not be subjected to estrogen of any kind. So I would just suggest that you're sure it is not in the Tamoxifen. I had Sate 1C ovarian, total hysterctomy, chemo with Carboplatin/Taxol. Currently in remission, thank the Lord! But I had asked my doctor about maintenance with Tamoxifen. He said no, it would not be appropriate for me. So, just research further.

Hope you continue your upswing. Will include you in my prayers and thoughts! Have a good day.

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Hi Sue1, I just read the following in another web-site, so I decided to cut and paste the following for you. WAR stands for Whole abdominal radiation. Take care,Joanna
As for why I chose WAR, it was because WAR does its *best* job on
microscopic disease (which is what I had). Remember, that I had Primary Peritoneal Cancer and that NONE of my lymph
nodes were involved (this was checked at debulking and again at SLS).
Also, studies show that BRCA-positive women respond better to treatment.

So, all of these factors played a part in my decision-making process and my

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Hi Jochan
Thanks for the response - could you tell me more details about "WAR"? I'd be real interested in learning about this and if anyone else out there has utilized this type of tx. Does the radiation cause any side effects since they are "hitting" the abdominal area? Before I started my 2nd round of chemo, the PET scan showed scattered tumors (all smaller than 2cm) mostly in the upper abdominal area. Hope to hear from you soon.

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