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Chuckle of the day

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Funny stuff!

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TOO FUNNY! Especially the colonoscopy comments.

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Dear Chrisswife,
Thanks for the laugh....loved the colorectal surgeon song.My surgeon would get a kick out of it.
How is your husband doing now? Hope all is well...

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Chris is still plugging away, thanks for asking. He had severe pain for quite awhile after surgery in mid-August. Finally they found the cause was an abscess in his pelvis. The radioligists installed a tube to drain it and he just had it removed last Friday after 3 weeks in place. Thankfully the majority of his pain dissolved immediately when the drain was removed.

He is still dealing with recurrent infection in his open wound and is on (another) round Levaquin for staph but his spirits are much better now that his pain is under control.


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