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Camptosar vs. Oxaliplatin

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Can anyone provide feedback on the pros/cons of the following triplet regimens?

1) leuk/5FU/Camptosar
2) leuk/5FU/Oxaliplatin

My mom just started the FULFIRI treatment (Camptasar, Leukavorin and 5FU), but received a second opinion where another doctor recommended the FOLFOX treatment (Oxaliplatin, Leukavorin and 5FU). Supposedly the Oxaliplatin is less toxic. She's sticking with the fulfiri treatment until we get more info.


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Hi Sherry...

I induldged in menu item #1 with my treatments. Handled it very well. Unfortunately cannot comment on the other, as I have no idea.

Hope I helped,


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There is not a lot of difference. Both have pros and cons.

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This is exactly the treatment I am now getting.:5 fu,leucoverin,oxaliplatin.This is my first week.Next treatment is in 2 weeks.I had the first line of treatment for 3-4 months,then my cat scan and Pet scan showed widespread metastasis to the liver.How old is your mom?I am 55.Good luck and we are all in this together.Jdominique

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