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My girlfiend (ex) proved incapable of either dealing with my illness or providing emotional support in my time of need, so I would like to communicate with a new friend who understands how to deal with a major challenge that life throws at you. I am a 28 year old male and if you would like to chat, please feel free to respond to me at: merchantofdreams@lycos.com

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HI, don't feel bad , we are here for you and if you would like to chat. I am a 37 year old female , mother of two just got through breast cancer and I had my surgery in january.It is harder on someone if the special person in ours lives can not understand our fears, just don't let it change the way you were, be strong and possitive and grow to be a better person through the tests that are put in our paths. take care JAN

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I am a survivor of ovarian cancer, 3 years, and my husband has been fighting stage 4 renal cell cancer for the past 18 months. I can tell you from experience that having been on both sides of the fence, being a caregiver is much harder than being a victim of cancer yourself. And not because we think of our loved ones as a burden. It's because we feel so helpless sometimes. "Changes in our lives", doesn't hardly sum up what cancer does to our lives.Your ex-girlfriend may have a great fear of losing you and rather than deal with that, she bailed out. It takes a very strong person to provide the emotional support needed to a loved one who is fighting cancer. I hope you have others who support you, but still, please take the time to log into the chat room on this site. You will find just about any type cancer and any age person that you may want to talk to. Hang in there and e-mail any time on the site that you just want to unload. God bless you.

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