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Stage 3A?

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Is any one on this message board stage 3A uterine cancer? I find the posts helpful. But,they don't exactly address what I have to dealing with.

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wife had 3a 7/02 treated with hystectomy, radiation and chemo, finished treatments 4/03 and all eems well at this time

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I just signed up to CSN and saw your message about Stage 3A endometrial cancer...that is what I have. I've had a total hysterectomy, 28 radiation treatments and started chemo February 3. My chemo consists of Doxorubicin (aka Andiamycin) and Cisplatin (aka Platinol)injections every 3 weeks for 6 chemo cycles. I am being treated at the University of Chicago and feel that I am in good hands. The reason I am 3A is because endometrial cancer cells were found in the pelvic wash.

I'm learning as I go...if there is some way I can help you, please let me know.

Pat B.

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Hi, too you first...My name is jo and I too have been told i have stage 3grade 1 endometrial cancer.. I have been taking radiation treatments ..Internal and external i have 17 left .. then i will start chemo like you every 3 weeks.I'm dreading the chemo can you tell me how your doing with it.. this is all new to me and scares me... I'm doing treatments at the siteman cancer center in st louis Mo.. and I too feel like I'm in good hands.. I asked the oncologist about the stage 3 grade 1 he told me when they removed my lymp nodes 20 of them 2 of them had tumors .. it was the of the cancer he said this stage will sometimes come back..I hope not...did i mention that this all scares me i think the unknown is what scares me .. I wish you all the best and may god bless you .. write to me anytime and take care ....

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Jo - I am also stage III a (pelvic and periaortic nodes). I did the 6 doses of taxol and cisplatin. It wasn't bad at all. I would have chemo on Friday. The weekend was okay then usually Monday and Tuesday I would be tired and lay around a lot. By Wed. I was back to normal. The only one that knocked me out was Number six. I spent five days in bed, just exhausted. The nurses gave me a lot of tips to survive. The best was to take the antinauseau meds every 12 hours Sat, Sun and Mon (i.e. for three days after chemo) even if I felt okay. I most dreaded nausea and vomiting and I never had a bit of it. Also, Taxol can cause neuropathy (in my case tingling in my feet and hands. The nurses recommended Vit B6 prophylactically. It has really helped. Good Luck!

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