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Other cancers?

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Are any lesbians out there who have or have had a gynecological cancer? I have endometral cancer. I feel there is some baggage that comes with having a cancer of the reproductive organs that isn't present with other cancers - even breast cancer.

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I hear you but cannot help I am only a breast cancer survivor.

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What do you mean by baggage TCookies? Do you want children? I am a breast cancer survivor. :)~

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I had uterine cancer 3 years ago and last year endometrial cancer.Chemo ended in November and still on hold with CA stable for now. Would like to chat, email me if you want.

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I was diagnosed with uterine cancer last June. I had a total hysterectomy and both external and internal radiation treatments. I've gone to Gilda's club for support but it seems like just about everyone there has had breast cancer. My partner has been supportive but she doesn't really understand exactly what I've gone through. Feel free to email me anytime.Coree

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TCookie, your message is a few years old but I'm wondering how you are doing these days? I recently had surgery that revealed a surprise ovarian mucinous adenocarcinoma, stage 1, grade 1...not sure I understand "special burden" but even though (statistically speaking) I have a very good chance of no recurrence, I feel if I'm in the 1% club who got it in the first place, it can just as likely happen again so I see it as 50/50...either I will or I won't. Not to say that I'm not doing everything I can to keep myself healthy and proactive. Anyway TC, just wondering how you're doing... And the rest of you Sweet Dykes, how's it going for y'all??? Doesn't appear that we're sharing too much with each other these days...hope life is coming along. Special thoughts of you all...just because! Ruby

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Ok so you didn't write "special burden" TC, part of the new me...memory problems...baggage you said. my reply was to baggage...you know what I mean? I guess it really doesn't address baggage... ok so I'm not sure I understand "baggage"...do you still feel this way? sure wish you will read this... I am wondering how you are coming along. again, thoughts of you, and the rest of you Sweet Grrls....xxooxxoo Ruby

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