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Recently I've developed a blockage in my biliary duct and as a result am jaudice. Also, I am experiencing intense itching throughout my whole body. My oncology nurse says its due to the excess bilirubin in my body. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? If so, what did you do to relieve the itcing? It keeps me awake at night. Please help.


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    Bilirubin is a condition caused by the livers inability to function properly.Before my gallbladder was removed my bilirubin was five xs normal and
    my entire body was bloody from scratching. Oncologist know all about bilirubin and it shows up in a CBC ( complete blood count).After surgery Cholestyramine Packet Eon was orderd for me but by that time the obstruction in my bile ducts had been removed and my liver very slowly began to deal with the abnormalities.The itching was the worst condition I ever experienced so I sympathise with you and urge to see your doctor and read up on bilirubin on line.