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my mom survived stage iiic ovca

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yesterday was my mom's last chemo treatment. she was diagnosed late march, had a total hysterectomy/debulking surgery. before her chemo started, doctors found a 5 cm tumor attached to the rectum and the top part of the bladder. After her third round of chemo, amazingly, no trace of the tumor or other lesions were found and CA-125 was at 12. although there is still a long road ahead of us, we are very happy and hopeful.

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I am so pleased to hear that your Mom is doing so well! Please keep that positive attitude. I can also tell how supportive you are of your mother - that means so much. I had stage 1C, total hysterctomy, chemo, three years ago. I will say that this will always be in the back of my mind. And every time I get my bi-monthly blood tests and every-three-month CT's and x-rays, I always will be anxiously awaiting results. But I do not live my life thinking about it every moment, or else I wouldn't be living! Please tell your mother I send my thoughts and prayers. Just take one day at a time. Keep us informed.

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Congratulations!!! This is great news to hear. My mom was diagnosed in Feb 03 with Stage IIIC also...we just had a restaging surgery two weeks ago and I am trying to get in touch with her doctor to discuss the results. (I'm out of state and wasn't able to go to the appointment with her). The doctor seems to think that they got all the cancer, and they changed her treatment to docatexel. What concerns me is when they removed and biopsied the lymph nodes, there was cancer in the lymph node...I keep thinking that if cancer is found in the lymph nodes, wouldn't it be spread throughout her entire lymphatic system? Her doctor is great and he and I email back and forth often...I"m sure I'll hear from him by the end of the week, but for now, I'm on pins and needles. I'm so happy to hear of your mom's improved condition. My best wishes to you all for continued good news!!!

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I am a 10 year survivor of stage 111c ovarian cancer.Had a hysterectomy and a colostomy. because Dr. was unable to remove tumor deep in rectal area. Had 6 chemo treatments and later had colostomy reversed. My original pronosis was was vry grim to say the least. That was in March of 93 and I have been cancer free since I finished my chemo in sept. of 93

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hi, everyone, thank you for your wonderful words and for sharing your amazing stories. hope you have a wonderful holiday season filled with love, serentiy and health.

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