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nausea anyone?

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I had a total thyroidectomy 9/10/03. I am currently going through the low iodine diet in preparation of the radiation therapy. I am extremly nauseous and in the last few days I have diarreah. Has anyone else had these type of symptoms. I have spoken with nuclear medicine and the suregeon and both do not think it is releated...this has been going on for a little over a week now. Any suggestions or comments I would gladly accept.

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I don't think you were on any medecation, but since I take a large dose of synthroid when I stopped my medecine for 6 weeks I felt really sick the way you do right now. Everything went back to normal after starting my synthroid again. I would eat lots of fruits and drink lots of orange juice and it made me feel better try not to eat nothing fried. I've been operated for 15 years and had 3 treatments. If you like to talk you can write to me at caburtonpr@yaoo.com

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I also experience nausea when I have to go off of Synthroid for a body scan. I also am on a high dose of Synthroid. I return to normal after I am back on meds. You are without any Thyroid at the moment and your body is weakened as if having the flu. Cindy

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You have no idea what it felt like to see your email. I had a total thyroidectomy in October of 2003 and am currently on the low iodine diet too. This, in fact, is my second day on it and I feel very nauseous. I talked to a few friends and my husband on the phone and I honestly thought it was in my imagination. I'm actually beginning to feel the fatigue too, are you? Did you download the Cancer Survivors Recipes book off the web? They have some really good recipes and suggestions. When does your radiation begin. What is the process that you will be going through. I'm curious as to whether it will be the same or not. I have been communicating with a woman from Wales only to find that they have a completely different way of addressing thyroid cancer so while I can relate to her feelings the medical process is entirely different. Would love to hear back from you. Hang in there --- you aren't alone!

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I went through the I131 treatment in October 03. I did get fatigued short of becoming psycotic I felt as if I was losing my mind. It was almost like having PMS symptoms only 20 times worse. Great news...It all did start to go away once I was put on the synthroid. I had to have a very high dose of the I131. I had a hard time with that also. I don't know if it was the actual radiation or the fact that I had been without synthroid for 61/2weeks. I know one thing if I ever have to go through that agian I will be scared...I really felt as if I was losing my mind. If you have any questions you can email me at marasco@netzero.net . I did download the diet off of the web. It was nice to have a resource like that one.

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Hi Jennifer, I am a new registered member of this site. Thus, I am almost a month late reading your posting regarding nausea with the low iodine diet. You are done with your diet by now and hope things went well with your scan. This is my second time around going through the diet. I had a total thyroidectomy in Dec 03 and I was diagnosed Jan 04. I have a little bit of nausea but not real bad. I find that ginger, either in cooking or in tea form helps with it.

As far as recipes for low iodine diets, they don't seem easy to come by. With the help of one of my sisters by doing a google search for low iodine content foods, we came across some good information as far as getting a little more creative with the low iodine diet. Coconuts are really low in iodine, only about 1 mcg. per coconut and I made some coconut milk out of one and made a dish with that, chicken and a few other things. The last time I was on this diet in February I lost a lot of weight. This time around I am trying to find some alternatives to the otherwise pretty boring sample menus given to me from the hospital.

Good luck everyone with your treatments and your cancer. Email me if you want.


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