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Hi. I'm sorry if I'm repeating myself but I need help. I had two thyroid surgeries last november and iodine radiation last april. I was feeling great until I got a lump in my throat about a month ago. As time goes on the lump seems to be getting bigger, there is fierce pressure around my neck and I have a metallic taste in my mouth all the time. I had a cat-scan which was clear and my surgeon is sending me to an ENT specialist who will put a scope down to see what he can see. My surgeon says it's probably side-effects from the radiation. Then I saw my oncologist and he said it definitely wasn't anything to do with the radiation. When I told him my symptoms he just said "your young you'll be fine" - he might as well have said "your imagining it". I was so upset. If it isn't the radiation what is it? Am I the only one this has happened to? Has the cancer come back? - unlikely so soon - more likely scar tissue. Will I have to live with the severe discomfort? Can they do anything for me? Questions, questions!!!!!!!!!!!I'm sorry, I'm more upset now than when they told me I had cancer, at least then I knew what was going on and it was easy to get info. I seem to be on my own in this one. Has anyone out there suffered in this way or am I just losing my mind? Please help. I would be grateful for any response even if it's only to tell me if I am going nuts or not!!

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I have am not as far into the treatment as yourself. My first radiation is coming up next week. Have you thought of getting a second opinion about this lump, taking your films, slides or anyother tests to another well respected doctor in this field out of another hosptial which specializes in thyroid or endocrine problems? Many times our bodies are telling us somthing, we just need to listen. I will be keeping you in my prayers.

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I had my surgery in April of this year. I had the Radiation in May. I know what you are talking about. I have been doing the same. I was told it is stress. I do not know if that is what it is. I am still trying to get my meds right from going off of them and being without a thyroid now. I will keep you in my prayers. Take care of yourself. I would also suggest you seek a second opinion.

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Hi there. Thanks very much for repling. I'm beginning to feel that I'm not the only one with this problem which means a lot.Well I was with the ENT since and He could see nothing -surprise, surprise!! I am due back to my surgeon on the 3rd of nov. . I feel the surgeon is just making sure there is nothing sinister there - at least I hope that is the case. My lump is progressing nicely. The other day I coughed and when I went to catch my breathe I couldn't. I was driving with my 3 children in the car at the time!!! I got to pull in but it took a few minutes to be able to breath normally. I got an awful fright - I thought I'd suffocate! Hopefully it was just a once off thing, but I have no doubt that the lump is getting worse. I was wondering was it possible that there is scar tissue pressing on my windpipe? Well what ever it is I wish it would go away. I'll just have to wait and see what the surgeon says when I go back. Once again thanks for repling. LMedlin - I've been there with trying to get the meds right. I'm still there actually but they are on the high side so I am feeling well that way. It's a slow process but they will get it right eventually. Anyway best of luck, let me know if there is any update,
Thanks again,

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Hi licacbird,
Following my radiation treatments, my throat felt very swollen. I gagged all the time. The breathing thing sounds familiar to me as well. It was so difficult to breathe at one point I went to the ER. I was fine, but I did not feel fine. Doctors tend to act like your over reacting (some of them). Being without a thyroid effects your entire body, and it takes some time to adjust physically to the meds. Personally, I switched from Synthroid to Armour tyroid, and it has made quite a difference. Give yourself some time to adjust, and maybe find a new doctor...that's what I did!

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lilacbird-I wish I had the answers you need to feel better about this difficult situation, but I don't. I do understand how scary this is because I was dignosed with Thyroid Cancer last x-mas. I went through 3 months of biopsys and they still could not tell me if it was cancer, so I understand what it feels like to not know the outcome. When I did recieve the thyroidectomy this Jan. it was very scary because I didn't know how much it had spread. They took out 3 lymphnodes in my neck, and then I recieved radioactive iodine treatment. Did they take out your whole tyroid? Were you treated as an inpatient when and kept in isolation when you had your radioactive iodine treatment? Why did you need two surgeries? Did they have to take out more lymphnode tissue? I have unusual symptoms myself; I have a constant headache and pressure behind my eyes, I've been to the doctor and an eye specialist, but they still can't find anything wrong with me. I'm scared that the tumor has spread some where else. I have had a benign 4 pound tumor on my ovary in the past that had to be removed also. So now I am always worried that I am going to get another tumor, like maybe on my pitutary gland. I don't think your going nuts! I feel like I'm losing my marbles everyday when I wake up with another headache, but I don't want to scare my husband. I feel very alone and scared because I have lost control over my life! Have you tried going to an alternative doctor to get a second opinoin? Take care. sjspeds

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