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He's only 24!!!Could it really be cancer?

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Hello everyone, I am seaking opinions/facts/or whatever I can get. My boyfriend, Aaron, has just had his third c-scan, the first was for what he thought was an ulcer, and instead they just happened to notice a spot on his lung. 2 months later he had another c-scan and discovered a cluster of nodules that "could be anything". And after another six months went by, we've finally had another c-scan and are nervously waiting the doctors call. He has alot of cancer in his family but is it really possible for a 24 yr old to develop it? The doc is taking a longer time getting ahold of us this time and we're getting very nervous now. Can anyone help in advising us? I don't know if we should seek a 2nd opinion now or not, and we don't know what will happen next. Please, if you can,help in advising us will be most appreciated. I don't want my 18 month old daughter to have to learn about her Daddy through pictures and stories! :(

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Hi, my name is Jackie I am 35 and was dx last April at the age of 34 with stage 3b lung cancer, there are only 4 stages, I too thought that I was too young for lung cancer. I did smoke but not enough according to the docs to have lung cancer at this earily age, my sis has stage 4 breat cancer and they believe there is a gene somewhere in us. I would definately get a second opinion and do it ASAP, you need to know so you can treat it and beat it so your daughter can grow up with her daddy. It is a long road to toe but he can do it and you will be fine, together you can beat it. Have faith in GOD he will see you throught this.. I had teatment last year chemo and radiation, in remission for only five months and now back in treatment, you need to know today if it is and what stage it is, the earilier the stage the easier to beat. I will never be cured, and will have to live with this cancer and treatments for the reat of my life and I hope more and more treatments come out for lng cancer, that way I have a better chance of seeing my kids grow up. This will change your life forever, but do not only look at the dume and gloom of it, be thankful for the years you have had already, and for every day here on out, don't put off doing something today, because there may not be a tomorrow. iF YOU WOULD LIKE TO TALK MORE HERE IS MY EMAIL ADRESS aircece1@aol.com God bless you and your family.

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Hello, please get your doctor to call right away. If not go down to his office. He can be 24 and have cancer, any age can get this horrible disease. But ther sooner you treat it believe me the better. My husband has been battling it for two years. Went from throat to 15 tumors in both lungs. And it does pay off to get several opinions but I for sure would sit on the doctors door step if you have too. God bless, cbecker

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