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I want to thank all those who responded. My surgeon (Dr C) has told me that my whole rectum will have to be removed and depending on how close to the sphincter the tumor is he may be able to fashion a new one out of a part of the colon. I guess it will depend on what he finds during surgery. I think he just wants to know how aggressive I want him to be. I "got some thinkin to do." Thanks again for your help. Surgery is Nov 4. I'll let you know how things work out.


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    Thanks for letting me know the date of your surgery Mary...I'll say a few extra prayers for you on that day!

    Take Care,
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    Hi Mary, did you go to the UOA discussion board as someone suggested?? You really should, it's an extremely informative site, and if there's any chance you might have an ostomy, even temporarily, there are things you should know ahead of surgery. I had very low rectal cancer and a temporary ileostomy, but have chosen to keep the ileostomy. e-mail me if you like at [email protected] but the UOA ostomy discussion is great, also Shaz's ostomy pages, just google it, you'll find it. Good luck to you.

    All the best, Karlen