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My Moms mastectomy

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Has anyone had to deal with this,and if so how have you handles it and the anger that comes with it

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Hi. My mom had breast cancer a couple of years ago and she also had a mastectomy. You do feel angry and hurt but that is all normal. You just try to think positive.

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Hello! My mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer a week ago. She just had a masectomy last Friday and is doing great. I find that staying positive and trying not to think about the worst case scenario helps you cope. I know that it is very upsetting.
All i did was cried when i found out but then i realized that I have to be strong for my mom and that will help her fight it. You need to stay strong too and help your mom fight it :) Wishing you the best. Jonna

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Hey, almost 9 years ago my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She went through a mastecomy and then chemo of course. My mom is doing wonderful, no reoccurrence of cancer at all. I'll give you this advice. Don't be angry, keep a positive attitude for yourself and especially for your mom. I'll tell you what got me through this through the years, GOD!! He is the answer and he will help you through it. I kept a positive, christian attitude and i kept reminding my mom that i loved her and that i'd be there for her. I was with her every chemo session. If you need to talk some more please go ahead and ask me anything. I'll try to help the best i can! You guys are in my prayers!!

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