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What else can be done??? Non-Hodgkins (Diffuse Large B-cell high bulk Lymphoma)

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I am trying to find out what else we can do. My friend has now been given only a few weeks. His history is below:

On November 13, 2002 he was diagnosed with Diffuse Large B-cell high bulk Lymphoma. He had a large number of tumors in his chest, stomach, spleen, and down his backbone. He started chemo a week later.

> Chemo: 11/02-5/03
> 5 rounds of CHOP plus Rituxan, every three weeks
> 3 rounds of CHOP, Rituxan, and Etopiside
> 3 rounds of high dose ICE and Rituxan every two weeks
> 4 rounds of high dose DHAP every two weeks.
> These treatments were partially successful.

> On June 3rd he was admitted to the Stanford Bone Marrow clinic for a fully ablative allogenic transplant. His sister was the donor and was a perfect match.
> He was released on June 23rd and had no ill effects from the transplant over the next 100 days.
> On September 19th, 2003 he was admitted to the hospital with a high fever.
> Lab results showed that he had liver function issues. A liver biopsy was performed on the 24th and subsequent results showed that he had a large
number of granular Lymphoma cells throughout hisliver. A cat scan showed there to be no sign of tumors in the liver. However, tumors were
developing in the neck and upper chest.
> He was told it is very difficult to treat this type of cancer in the liver.

He is hoping to find someone who specializes in difficult liver cases. Any help on your part would be wonderful.

Thank you.

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There is a experimental herbal treatment. A chemo nurse created a tea called Casey Tea. It has worked on some cases of such as this one. I am not sure where you can get it but I know it is available. I hope this helps

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Memorial Hospital Slone Kettering. They treated me with chemo for two years back in 1975. I hope you gave them a try. The tumor was removed and I underwent a spleenectomy. Have your friend exhaust every possible specialist now!

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