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Hi all,

I subscribe to an e-newsletter from Dr. Ralph Moss that comes weekly. He is a former researcher with Memorial Sloan-Kettering. He keeps up to date with cancer research on many fronts...what is working and what isn't. When I read my letters, I always think that there may be some of you who could benefit from this info. If you are interested I think anyone can subscribe at

He really is informative. Of course it's about all types of cancers and not only colon, but I assume now that you are in the cancer networks out there you know folks with many kinds.

Just thought I would pass this along. He is not just about alternatives either, but keeps his finger on the pulse of all the different chemos going on out there. It may be worth a look.

peace, emily


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    Thanks, emily -

    Hope everyone has a good week - busy one for me, you might not see me for several days.

    Be well, all!

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    ( I still think Emily is a beautiful name)
    Thank you kindly. All info is of interest and new ideas are great. Maybe we should all tell of our own ideas re.the origin,treatment, what helps or worsens, whats good and whats bad about the whole area. I don't think that the answers are all in complex chemistry.Keep an eye on Celebrex. I think it may have promise. Blessings,