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After a little cajolling, I have convinced the CSN that there is a need for a discussion for military cancer survivors. The purpose of this discussion is to give military folks a safe place to go and ask questions about treatment, administrative issues, performance evaluations, etc. that are unique to military cancer survivors. If you or someone you care about are military cancer survivors, stop on over and say "Attention!". I have recruited Kat - a military attorney with 11 years of trial experience and Mike, an oncology nurse (NOT a doctor) to help out with technical stuff. As you may have gathered, I am an old dinosaur myself (23 years E-1 to O-4) with lots of experience at "working the system". We're here to listen, advise, let you vent or kick you in the butt if necessary.

Hoping to hear from you soon - active duty or retirees.

- LCDR SpongeBob

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SpongeBob it is interesting that u are serching for cancer survivors. I served on the USS Midway attached to VA115 squadron during Vietnam, and crawled around the A-6 intruder aircraft. I have developed a blood disorder called porphuria cutania tarda that is associated with agent orange or jet fuels. My job was a AME that maintained the ejection seats as well as the liquid oxygen which was located under the belly of the aircraft. I am currently getting 70% disability I think. I also came down with a little bit of AML leukemia and had a complete bone marrow transplant 10 years after my discharge and am on 100% disability for short term memory disorder. The reason why I am telling you all of this is I now believe that these two diseases could be related to the contact of all those chemicals and forign matter that I came in contact with and that the airmen today might still be swabbing around in today without proper protection. I might be able to save someone else life that I was very lucky to have survived. If you need to contact me feel free at scottysfrshjuice@hotmail.com Sorry for the spelling errors

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Scotty -

Thanks for the info. I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to copy your post over to the MCS discussion so maybe someone else will see it. This is really important info - look at what happened with Agent Orange and Gulf War Syndrome. If people don't communicate their issues and find common threads, we can't make things better. Thanks!

- SpongeBob

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I was a military wife when I was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome (which is an early stage of ALL) I had my bone marrow transplant done at Wilford Hall Medical Center, Luke AFB, TX. Thank God for the military doctors. They saved my life. Cathy King