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dissapointing news

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My mom has been having 3-4 days of not being able to hold anything down and her onc. has had her admitted to the hospital. So far they have done an x ray, no blockage seen. Next they did a scope and said nothing was there, but a few hours later they thought maybe there was something visible, so they'll do another scope tomorrow....has anyone experienced this before? Does this mean the tumor is now blocking the entire colon? Anyone know if there is treatment for this? Now I am wondering if this tumor blockage is the culprit of her horrible acid reflux!! UGH!!! Just needed to sound off a little.

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Morning, indy -

So sorry to hear about your mom's set-back. Honestly gut problems are fairly common with semi-colons, either as a result of chemo (dosage levels is often the culprit) or as a result of our bodies adjusting to loss of part of a system (hemicolectomy, removal of part of the liver, etc.).

Your description of the scope and not seeing anything initially and then maybe seeing something later is intriguing - I guess they were watching the videotape of the procedure afterward.

Once you have had cancer, you tend to wonder if the smallest thing isn't an indicator that it's come back. Hang-nails take on a whole new relevance - well, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit, but you get the idea... It's important to keep a focused perspective; whatever is bothering your mom's gut very well may not be cancer. It could be a whole host of other problems - maybe related to, but not necessarily implicitly, cancer.

She's in the hospital now and the docs are looking into what's causing her issues - hec, could be gal stones, dosage levels, or maybe my ex-wife is cooking at your mom's favorite restaurant (her cooking always made me feel ill, too).

Keep us posted on how she's doing - we'll keep her in our thoughts and prayers.

Best regards,


P.S. - I was serious about the gal stones (well, maybe about my ex-wife's cooking, too!)

-SB ; )

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Thanks for the positive outlook. My mom had surgery late last night...as I was in flight to see her!! The said the tumor had blocked off the colon and that a colostomy was needed. HOWEVER, after getting in there, they felt that a bypass would work and a colostomy not needed. The doctor feels this will cease the getting sick after each meal and she should be able to continue treatments IF, I should say WHEN, she gets her strength back.

Loved the comments about the cooking.....you are sooooooooooooo bad!!

Thanks for the help!!
Have a great day!

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