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Physical symptoms of OV cancer

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Can anyone tell me how they felt phsically before they were diagnosed with ov cancer? I have not been feeling well and read an article about Gilda Radner and now I'm pretty scared. My grandmother died from gyn cancers and just want some input. Thanks very much, Ceara

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I had most of these symptoms:

Pelvic or abdominal pain and/or feeling of fullness

Swelling of abdomen/ Unexplained weight gain.

Weight loss / appetite loss


Tiredness (I was extremely tired)

Persistent gastro upsets: Gas, nausea, indigestion


Urinary problems (up every three hours at night to pee)

Changes in bowel habits (Constipation)

In addition to the symptoms listed I had a blood clot in my leg, which is what finally got me to the ER.

I did not know these were signs of OVCA.

You should get to your doctor and explain your fears to him/her. It may be nothing, but you need to be checked out!

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Hello, I had OVC and have been cancer free for two years. My symptoms were: a feeling of heaviness in my stomach, bloating, bowel movement inconsistency, spotting, and finally pain. Get yourself to a doctor.

If you have more questions, please ask


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TealRibbon mentions a blood clot in her leg. Deep Vein Thrombosis can be a symptom of OVCA that is not discussed much, although ovarian cancer is sometimes given as a symptom of DVT.

I was dx with uterine cancer (and ovarian cancer after my hysterectomy) after being submitted to a hospital with a pulmonary embolism in a lung, caused by a clot breaking loose. I didn't know what DVT was at the time, and had swelling in a leg for months before, along with the symptoms considered more typical for OVCA-bloating, bleeding, tiredness, and urinary problems, all things I was having investigated when I had the PE.

I've had a number of medical professionals say to me that they know that DVT can be an indicator of ovarian cancer, but it's not a symptom that's usually listed for OVCA.

I've been told I was fortunate to have the PE force the issue and bring the cancer to light in such early stages-the UTCA was Stage 1b, the OVCA stage 1c.

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A bill has been introduced to Congress by Congressman Sander M. Levin and
Congresswoman Kay Granger to promote education about gynecological cancers.

The bill would authorize a national gynecological cancer early detection and awareness campaign directed at women and their physicians.

For a synopsis of the bill, see http://thegrouproom.com/johanna.htm ;

to send your representatives an email supporting the bill, see http://congress.nw.dc.us/sgo/home/

Education has been a primary concern in the OVCA support group I attend. There is general agreement that if we had been more educated about ovarian cancer, we probably would have been quicker to find the root of the symptoms that we had. Sending an email to your representatives is a good way to express your opinion, and your right as a member of their constituency.

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