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Coming up on 1 year colonoscopy

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It will be a year in October since my surgery.I go for my colonoscopy and to tell you the truth I am scared.Any advice?

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Just remember how far you have come! Even if anything is needing additional attention, be grateful it is found and addressed. Although ignorance is bliss, ignorance is not healthy! Plus, you know how you've been feeling the past year and would have an indication if something didn't seem right.

Unlike any subject in school, unfortunately, you can't study for things like colonoscopy tests! And you for sure can't "cram" for it! Keep your chin up, you'll do just fine!

Keep us all posted,

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Wear a thong, you'll either feel so good about being able to wear one, or be so uncomfortable will take your mind off things...;) Seriously, ditto what Stacy says. Keep the good thoughts! And next May when I go back for my one year...you can cheer me on.


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Starlight -

WAY TO GO! My only advice is this:

1. Mix up that laxitive very very COLD - you won't taste it as much (YUK!)

2. Go out and celebrate, girl! You deserve it.

- SB ; )

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