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I am having a fear of cancer and I like to ask

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you all some questions. One question is, I had swollen lymph nodes in my abdomen, does this mean a good sign of me getting stomach cancer or esophageal cancer. I am 34 years old and a non smoker and don't drink much but do once in a great while. I like to know what most of your ages where at dx and how old are you know and how are you doing with it. Thanks all, RS

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These are much better questions for your physician. I am 46, was diagnosed at 45 after an episode of vomiting blood. After surgery, chemo and radiation, I am now cancer free. From all that I have read - gastric cancers occur more often in men over fifty than any other demographic group. For esophageal cancer questions go to www.eccafe from there you will find links to a list serve esophageal group (of 1200 participants) and a yahoo chat group that meets twice a week.

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hi bke! my dad was also diagnosed with stomach cancer (stage two) 3 yrs. ago. he to had surgery,chemo.,and radiation.his cancer had not spread to lymph nodes but just last week on a routine 6 month ct scan they noticed a "thickening of the stomach" and two small masses outside stomach wall.you said you were cancer free--that is wonderful but i would like to know your story if possible--i guess i wanted to pretend like my dads cancer neverhappened but now this news. i know that once you have cancer you always have it and worry about it returning.i would love to know anything that you are doing to prevent a recurrence and do you have routine ct scans?

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