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He now has pnemonia

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Hi. I'm 18 and my dad was just diagnosed with hodgkins. He started treatment on saturday. Sunday and Monday he was doing great. He came home monday. Wed. he was having trouble breathing. We wound up bringing him to the ER and it turns out that if we didn't bring him when we did, he could have died. His oxygen was dangerously low. This was because he has Pnemonia all over his right lung and the bottom part of his left. He's on a resporater and they are trying to kill the infection with certain antibiotics. So far things are still the same. I just don't know if this is normal and if it is, how much this may happen. Thank you.


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Amanda, bless your heart. Your dad is very fortunate to have a caring daughter such as yourself. It is you who will give him the courage he needs to fight this. He will draw from your strength and energy. I know this because I have a 18 yr old daughter who has had to watch me go through cancer treatment. I don't know anything about your dad's type of cancer, I can only offer emotional support. Give him your love every way you can, that is the best thing you can do. God bless you and your family. Judy

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Your dad is sure lucky to have you in his corner. I had Hodgkins and my 5 kids, ages 12- 21, had to watch, worry, help, and pray as I made my way through the treatments. Yes, there are many setbacks that are disappointing and sometimes frightening along the way. I don't know about the word "normal", I'm not sure that there is a normal...but setbacks are very typical and even to be expected. The important thing to focus on is the progress which sometimes needs to be measured in extremely frustratingly small baby steps. Hang on to the fact that Hodgkins is one of the most treatable cancers that there is, and that it is CURABLE well over 90% of the time. I will keep you and your dad in my prayers.

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