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thank you

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thanks to everyone that relpied to my last posting. to answer some of your questions, yes I was a sleep for 2 of the colonoscopys, but not for my very first one. The doctor that performed the last one, is the 3rd doctor I have seen. I told her that the last doctor told me the blood was from hemorrhoids and she said no way......not that much blood and for that long period of time, that could n't be the cause. When she examined me she said I only had one hemorrhiod. It has to be something else.Thant scared me a little becuse if it was just that it would be good. I don't undertand how 3 x-rays could show polys, but then when they do the colonoscopy they can't find them??? When she did the other test where she went down the throat, (sorry can't remember the name of the test) she took biopsy. So now I guess it's a waiting game. I will suggest these other types of test to her and see what she says. I have been in pain had blood for so long that I just hope they find the problem. At least then I will know, be able to deal with it. Not knowing what? and having to prepare for these tests is too much. I am nursing my daughter, and it's hard to do these tests, becasue then I have to get rid of the milk, the following day after the tests, becuase the stuff they use to put me asleep isn't good for her. It's almost 3 years that I have been having these problems. I don't see blood ever time , but at least 3 times a month and when I do theres a lot of it. But I do feel pain every day off and on, some days worse then others. I just want to know why? lets hope we find out soon. thank you agian everyone for your advice and information

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Hi again, laci -

The "down your throat" test is probably an endoscopy. They shoot the back of your throat with a numbing spray, insert a bite plate into your mouth, and then insert a tube that looks at your digestive track from the top down.

Like a colonoscopy, an endoscopy can't really get into your small intestine and look at all of it. And it certainly can't look inside of you - outside of your intestines. A CT or PET scan is probably your best bet to do that. Of course with you nursing, that is contraindicated. You'll have to give up one or the other for a while.

I'm glad you haven't resigned yourself to using a doc that tells you nothing is wrong when your body and inner voice are telling you otherwise. I believe that, as we grow-up, we are taught to ignore our inner voice and we lose that "6th sense" we're born with. Instead, we need to listen to it and sharpen and hone that sense.

Hang in there. How long until you get your pathology reports back? The semi-colons are always here for you if you need anything.

All the best

- SpongeBob

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Hi laci,

I am still nursing my daughter and have had two PET scans. They just have you refrain from nursing for 24 hours so the radioactive sugar has time to leave your body. There are herbs you can take to expedite this process but I don't remember what they are. Ask a Naturopath or herbalis or a lactation consultant. You don't have to give up nursing!! :-) My daughter was 20 months old at my dx and we are still going strong!

peace, emily

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