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Time for 2nd cycle!

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Hi again all! I have a minor annoyance and wonder if anyone else has had this problem. After surgery when they took out the staples out, the incision opened up almost completely. after nearly 2 months of bandaging it was pretty well healed so we started chemotherapy. I finfished the first cycle, but the incision didn't heal during that time. It's time for the second cycle, but am wondering if I should wait till the incision completely heals. The dr says it's up to me, I want to go ahead with the chemo, but family want me to wait till the incision is healed. Shouldn't take more than 2 weeks. Anyone else have this? Thanks for any feedback.

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Hi 'kitten,

It's a personal decision, but I think I would wait. I realize you're anxious to get through the treatments in order to get on with your life, but the chemo kills bad cells as well as good cells. So I don't think the incision will have a fighting chance to heal if it's being countered by chemo. How long after the surgery did you start chemo? I guess I should have asked how long after the incision was "re-closed" before chemo started? There was a 3 month gap between surgery and chemo for me, if I remember correctly.

Again the choice is yours, but taking baby steps now may prevent you from taking backward steps later.

Take care,


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Lisa Rose
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Hi hoosier Kitten,

Two weeks after my surgery my incision also opened . But in three weeks with daily cleaning and packing it was completely healed and closed . Then I started my chemo and not another problem with it . So I would agree with Stacy on this , close one chapter before you start another . I know it's a personal decision but I don't think 2 to 3 weeks will make to big of difference . You like every other person going through this just want to get over with and move on . Be patient !!!


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Hi Stacy and Lisa,

Of course you are right, it's a matter of patience, LOL. I spoke with the dr and he said just one week. At this point one week isn't too much!

Surgery was May 31, and we began chemo on the 11th of Aug. The incision was thissssss close to healing and we felt that it would continue the last little centimeter, but it had other ideas! Everything else looks good so I'll sit serenely (yeah right) by and wait till next Friday to begin the next cycle. Thanks again.


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