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Waiting for results!

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I am now 41 years old, 2 weeks before my birthday My wife told me there seemed to be somthing wrong with my left testicle, so I checked it out and thought it seemed a little larger and harder than usuall But I figured it would go away. After that I was doing self exams whenever possible. It wasn't 4 days later I felt what can only be discribed as a third testicle on my left side, The left testicle seemed alot heavier and larger. I made an appiontment with a uroligist as soon as possible. The Doc sent me for an Ultrasound the following day(my Birthday). I wasn't too worried until the fella doing the test went and got another doctor to come have a look, Then niether one would tell me anything besides 'Make sure you go to the followup appointment with your uroligist". So I did, I went back to the urologist and he said I had a tumor and needed to have my left testicle removed in 3 days, He said 99% of the time it is cancer so he wasn't going to biopsy it, just send it strieght to pathology. Well It's been 9 days since the surgery and they still don't have the pathology reports back! On Monday I am going to have a CAT on my abdomen and chest after I drink these two bottles of what looks like liquid chalk. And then I get to wait somemore!! The Doc said they would call as soon as he gets the results! I can't stand this waiting and wondering and worring, I have read everything on this website and I know what the worst thing to expect is, But I am so scared! Everyone that posted a story seemed to be in such good heath, I havn't had any magor heath problems in the past, But I am, and have always been extremeley Overwieght(6'0"411 lbs)I am afraid that even with the high cure reate of Testicular Cancer I don't stand a chance, I am afraid I am too big for the RPLND if I need one, and won't have the option. If they will do it on me, what are the chances I will die on the table while it's beeing prefomed? This has sure scared me into really wanting to loose wieght, But I am afraid I may have waited too long! I am also afraid of what will happen to my wife and son if the TC gets the best of me!! I HATE THE WAIT!!

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Iz always the worst part, atleast 4me ,, fear of the unknown,, what if this , what if that,, n damit lets just get the show on the road n get it done , ive got things i got 2 do !!!!!!!!!!!
After awhile my friend you'll get you're balance
and hard 2 believe you'll come 2 b ready and comfortable with whatever comes your way,, dont get me wrong i still have my moments n the sun
and wonder about fimilar aches n pains but am somehow dont sweat it near az bad az i did n the begining.
My wife still laughs at the thought of me drinking
2.5 bottles of that banana barium,lol i almost puked after every gulp:0] you'll get threw this like we all did and do, 4 more months and i hit my year mark since my surgery, lol hard 2 believe
its gone by so fast ,,:0]
Take care my friend, your n my prayers & az long az u have faith you'll do fine!!!!
yours n tc
Mark a.k.a abartender

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Hi, Well it sounds as if you have caught the disease before it spread or progressed. Don't get worried about what you don't know yet. This is a curable disease in most cases. The chemotherapy is agressive and will literally put your life on hold of which you'll have no choice, however it will kill the cancer cells. If the cancer did not spread into the lymph nodes you will not need to have the Lymphnode Surgury. If you don't already have children I highly reccommend that you go to a sperm bank and make a deposit. Also make sure that if you chose the lymphnode surgery as your attach on the cancer that you find a surgeon which uses nerve sparing techniques. If you chose the chemo alternative, or both in some cases it is not the worst thing that could happen. The treatment is agressive but the new drugs that are available really do well at curtailing the side effects. I found that some of my worst effects were pain deep with in my bones as my body was attempting to regenerate red and white blood cells. It is important during your therapy that you keep well hydrated, eat well, and REST when your body tells you too. All food will taste horribly, but you must continue to eat even then though it feels like your eating magnets. Everything tastes bad. I found that I drank alot of apple juices and sweet things which were the only thing I could taste but they got me through. Don't be alarmed if you sleep in 12 - 15 hour shifts, or if you sleep a whole day away. That is just the way it is. And one final note, I don't know how long it lasts, the weakness in your body, but don't expect chemo to end and you feel better. That is not how it works, I'm two months out of chemo therapy and my stamina is that of an 80 year old man. I am always tired, sleep lots, and get down I am hopeful that with each day it will soon pass, but I've been told to expect to feel these lethargy through my first year. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at jnigra@a1printingplus.com or jnigra@juno.com I'll be happy to talk to you.

John a.k.a. jnigra on the ACS site

come on in a join us some night in the chat room. In there you'll meet some very interesting people and learn about your disease and those of others.

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I can tell you right now that your attitude makes the difference. DO NOT go into this thinking that it will get the best of you. I am 19 years old and it's been a year since I have been treated. Through my whole experience, I realized that nothing can beat an optimistic view and a positive attitude. Do it for yourself and those around you who care. Good luck!

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